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  1. And another thing is when you actually say goodbye and have to give hugs, kisses, handshakes etc that will be another challenge i am dreading! Sorry to go on
  2. Hey Everyone This friday I am leaving my current workplace (my contract is expiring) but the thing is Im pretty sure they will have like an impromptu presentation and that I'll have to give a little speech but I am absolutely dreading this!! I am on propanolol tablets but they stopped working a few months back and to be honest im not sure if they helped me that much. I guess im still using them as a placebo effect i dunno. I know this sounds awful but i was thinking of taking a few drinks before i went into work. Im quite lucky as i can hold my drink and if im really honest I have done this before at other work places and i feel ashamed to say that. But I dont want to go beetroot as i know i will and i dont want to be stuttering and lookin weak in front of the whole lab. I know you'll say 'but i might not see these people again' but i have a feeling i will be back there at some point because they always have projects coming in and i dont want to leave there with that memory of me like that. I just wanted to share this with you all and maybe get some feedback. Thanks Southpaw
  3. Hi All I'm having a really tough time of late with my blushing especially at work. I have decided to visit my gp about this and ask for some medication. Ive tried propanolol which helped abit but not enough to rid the blushing. What are the best meds to take for blushing from your experiences?? Please help as any info is much appreciated. Cheers Southpaw
  4. Southpaw

    PanOxyl cream

    Hi i think I have mild rosacea. I have had IPL which helped abit but nothing significant. Thing is about 3 years ago i used a cream called panoxyl prescribed by my gp. I used this for few acne scars i had around jawline/ sideburn area but after few days of using it i started to feel a burning sensation like my skin was burning big time. I stopped using this but my skin now has a pinkish look in those areas and was wondering if anyone knew of any creams/gels i could use to calm it down or even reduce the redness?? Many Thanks
  5. hey, im up for any of these dates. Would be good to discuss fb with fellow blushers! Hope it happens.
  6. Hello everyone I've been a member of this site for quite a while now using it on and off, i have never really wrote anything on here before. I suffer from hyperhidrosis oh and I have facial blushing aswell!! I am using Odaban for my underarms which seems to be fine but I have been having trouble finding a good product for my hands. I tried the Odaban hand lotion but this did nothing for me, I have also tried Anhydrol Forte which worked ok but it left my skin very dry and itchy so i stopped using it. So my question is does anyone know of any others for the hands that will not irritate the skin? Any advice would be really helpful. Thanks for your time. Southpaw
  7. Whats happenin with this meet? I guess if we arrange a time, date & place to meet that might spark some interest. I really hope it goes ahead!
  8. Im a big boxing fan aswell! I think Mayweather is waiting for pacquaio to get old or lose so he can say i told you so. He's petrified of losing his 0. Cant wait for De Gale v Groves and Haye v Klitschko...
  9. Hi, I'd be up for a meet up. We'll just have to see how much interest it generates...
  10. Hey I know this is an old thread but I stumbled across this whilst googling facial blushing. I only blush when im anxious like at work, certain social situations and when i have to do public speaking. Do you think this product could help me? Is it a one a day tablet and not like 3 a day?? Any feedback would be great. Many Thanks. Southpaw
  11. I use Anhydrol Forte myself and have found it to help. I use it for my hands and armpits! At first i used it every two days as advised but now i use it once a week for armpits (because the burning sensation became too much!) and one or two times in 5 days for my hands. It really is a great help! I might try using other products ie Driclor etc but at the moment im fine with Anhydrol forte. Hope this helps Southpaw
  12. Does anybody know about taking magnesium for blushing??
  13. Hi i thought i'd add to the thread. I have been taking propanolol for the past six weeks and although they have helped me slightly I cannot say they have got rid of my blushing. I only take them when im at work which is mon to fri. I take 2 per day both 40mg. Sometimes I think they do not have any effect its almost like a placebo effect which just goes to show its all a mental issue more so than physical. I have to admit I do not like taking meds because it is not natural to do this. I hate the thought of messing about with my body and organs. Thanks Southpaw
  14. Ok mate cheers. But could someone please post how much dosage they have taken please? Should i just buy magnesium on its own or mixed with calcium or zinc? Many Thanks
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