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  1. Has anyone applied for employment disability as a result of this problem?
  2. My note was supposed to be addressed to unhappysweater
  3. Hi Roz, I love your pic and thanks for writing. Ditto on career. My life has been really effected by the sweapisodes. What makes it even worse is that nobody really understands, nothing seems to help, and it seems to mess up everything. If it makes you feel any better this happened to me once while getting a haircut in a mildly warm salon. I had no idea what to do, since there was no way out!!! Leaving with a partial hair cut was not an option, but I did seriously consider it. She never gave up and she didn't say anything, but I must have looked as if I had malaria. I just ordered odoban and can let you know if it helps. I really understand what you are going through and and wish I could help. Take Care
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