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  1. Since I don't have much permanent redness and only the flushing aspect, I should induce a flush? Won't this make me flush more? I have heard from other people that inducing a flush prior to treatment caused them to flush more. Is this quite common? pat
  2. There has been alot of talk about inducing a flush prior to getting IPL's done. Is it a good idea or not? Since the IPL laser targets the vessels that it sees, wouldn't inducing a flush be a good thing? I am due to start a round of IPL's with a new doctor who induces a flush but if this would be a bad thing I might ask him not to do it. Any ideas? Pat
  3. Has anyone heard from Cactus? I know he has been getting treatments with Dr. Soldo in Arizona and the last I heard from him he just had his second one done. Just wondering how the treatments were going and if he has finished up with them. Pat
  4. I am waiting on financing and hope to start treatments within and week to two. Thanks for the reply. Pat
  5. Dr. Nase, Have you heard of Dr. Hartley Thomas in Valparaiso, In? I went to see him and he seems up to date on the latest methods of treating Rosacea. He does induce a flush and has the latest IPL machines. He has treated alot of Rosacea patients and has success. I was just wondering if you have ever heard of him or his practice. Pat
  6. flushman

    My career

    Hi there, I am a police officer. I use to have a good career. Ever since being diagnosed with Rosacea and having the constant flushing, my career has taken a nose dive. I cannot do much of anything without flushing. Being self conscious about the way I look is really starting to take it's tole. Hopefully with this new IPL doctor things can turn around. I can't tell you how many medications I am on because of the Rosacea. I am almost ready to give it all up and quit taking any mediacation. Pat
  7. flushman

    Qutera laser

    Does anyone know about the Qutera laser for rosacea? I know I spelled it wrong, but I think it is close. It is supposedly used for Roascea. Pat
  8. flushman

    Diode laser?

    I have an appointment Nov 15 with Dr. Thomas in Valparaiso, In for my rosacea. Checking his website, he uses IPL and the Diode laser to treat Rosacea. What is the Diode laser and has anyone had this used befor? If so, what was the result? It sounds like he knows what he is doing. I will know more when I see him. Patrick
  9. I didn't know where to post this so I put it here. Has anyone been to see Dr. Hartley Thomas in Valparaiso, In? He was Bitter trained and the nurse I spoke with over the phone seemed knowledgable. I an thinking of setting up an appointment soon but wanted to get some feedback first. I live in LaPorte, In so the drive isn't to far. Pat
  10. flushman

    Dr Nase: GliSODin?

    I just received my order this morning. Hopefully this will help some with the flushing. I mainly flush to only warmth/heat and the sun. I sure hope this works. It is so frustrating trying to find something that works. I have had IPL in the past, with the last one June 2005 and that has helped some. Pat
  11. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem. I have had several IPL's performed and the right side of my face is great. The left side is another story. There is a clear line where the IPL was performed and where it wasn't. The line is around the jaw line and just below the sideburn. Does anyone know if this can be corrected? Does the doctor need to perform the IPL on these areas or if go to a higher filter on the areas already done, to include the areas not already done? Any advice would be greatly helpful. Pat
  12. I have had 9-10 IPL's done in the past with the last one June 2005. Before having the one in June done the doctor used various filters. The last time he used deeper filters and I think this worked better. Question is, I stil have the burning sensations. It feels like my face is on fire sometimes, just under the outer part of my skin. I mainly flush and turn red in the sun, in wam or hot environments and at night. SHould I continue with the IPL's or what? pat
  13. I was diagnosed with Rosacea some time ago. I take supplements and have had around 9 IPL's performed. My skin is smoother and some what better than before I had IPL's performed. I still get a burning sensation and a feeling of warmth or hotness around the face. My ears blush at least 3-4 times a day and this is usually caused by heat/warmth. Should I continue to have IPL's performed to try and tone down the burning sensations, or is there another course of action. I really need some advice. Pat
  14. flushman

    Dr Nase: GliSODin?

    Can one take Glisodin while taking other supplements? I currently take Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin C, Pycnogenol and Doxycycline (100mg every other day). Will taking the other supplements mentioned counteract, lessen or interfere with the Glisodin? Pat
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