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  1. i'm the same. i'm much less likely to blush outside. it does depend a bit on the weather though. if it's cool outside i'm fine also I'm great if it's warm and sunny. there are some cloudy, humid, windless days where i'll blush all the time. they scare more than the indoors.
  2. hi guys. i've got an appointment with microskin in Brisbane, Australia next MOnday and Tuesday. will let you know how it goes.
  3. yep i completely agree with Davey. there's heaps of athletes who go red when exercising. I think that's fine it's when you're just talking to people etc that it's a problem.
  4. yep Niacin will do the trick but i agree i definitely wouldn't do this before an interview. likely to make things worse. i would avoid all the foods that are likely to make things worse eg banana, fatty foods etc. maybe just a couple of pieces of toast before your interview. something that works a bit for me is to have an ice cold bottle of water which i hold and then take sips off when i feel a flush / blush coming on. seems to help keep my temperature down and make me less likely to flush & blush.
  5. i was able to contact the guy in Australian and he sent me this reply. i'm definitely going for it. work is pretty busy at the moment so will need to find a time when i can get away for a few days. Thanks for the email and yes i am very happy with the results, microskin has helped a lot with my self confidence and general well being. as a result im getting out and socialising more, where as before i would hardly go out at all. When applied correctly microskin look's completely natural, i've never used camo or anything else as i was always concerned that people might notice. i don't feel like that at all when wearing microskin. i haven't even perfected the the application completely but it doesn't make a difference to me and im 100% sure that no one has noticed. It takes a while to perfect the application as best as you can because you're using an airbrush, but after that it's fairly easy and takes little amount of time. the beard line isn't a problem, at first it might show a little more on that area but once you get used to the airbrush it's fine. like i said, im definately sure no one has noticed so far, i haven't had any strange looks and no one has said anything. my family are the only ones who know about my blushing and they couldn't even tell when i told them i was wearing it. only from up close and if you are looking for it could you tell. Once you have perfected the tecnique as best you can microskin completly covers the flushing. im not really sure about blushing as that is harder to tell of course, unless you're in front of a mirror. the good thing is that since wearing it i have rarely blushed at all as i am far less self concious about it. likewise with the flushing, it happens less frequently now as im not always thinking about it and also i feel protected when im wearing it. Im still in my first year of purchasing microskin, it's been about seven months so far. i am paying $150.oo a month and every cent has been worth it. I hope this has been helpful to you and if you have any more questions im only too happy to help. Good luck with what ever you decide to do,
  6. i'm really hopeful that this product will make a big difference. guess it's the same for Australia as they might have to get approval here as well. i get the impression it will be a while before we see it on the market. at least there's something out there to give us hope. gives me something to dream about thanks for the update.
  7. just saw the photos of this guy and it looks pretty good although hard to tell sometimes with photos. i've seen a few shots of myself with some camo makeup on and could definitely tell as my cheeks were much paler than my forehead. looked bit unnatural. apologies for all the posts
  8. hi all, i just spoke to the microskin people in brisbane, Australia. they're going to email me some photos of a guy who had this done for flushing off the face and neck and is apparently really happy. i've asked for his contact details and they're going to see if i can get in touch with him. she also said it takes about 20 minutes a day to put it on once you've got the hang of it and that with the face it would need to be put on every day. this would mean some very early starts. i think i'm going to go ahead with this in the next month or so. if i do i'll definitely report back with some udpates. i'm a bit excited about this but trying to keeping my hopes down as it might be another fizzer like that chanel product from a few years back. also bit concerned that it will look great there but then not so good when you have to do it yourself the cost to join is $500AUD then $150 per month for the first year. you get products every 3 months. so looking at least 2300 for the first year. after that you can continue on with the 150 per month or buy products when you need them although then you have to pay the 500 again. didn't complete get this part. at least the up front fee was less than i was expecting.
  9. can you give us some info? can you tell that you are wearing makeup or a second skin or whatever it is? does it completely cover the blushes? as i posted on the other microskin thread i'm seriously thinking about giving this a go as my blushing / flushing has reached a ridiculous level.
  10. i'm seriously thinking about giving this a go. it's very expensive but could be an option untill something better comes along like sansrosa etc. I'm a bit worried about shelling out the dollars for something that either doesn't work or doesn't look very natural.
  11. hi guys my understanding is you can definitely make money from google adsense. my partner is trying to set this up for herself to make some passive income. my understanding is you get money when people click on the google ads that will appear on your website however i think there is auditing etc to prevent the same people clicking on the same ads each day. so the more interesting your website the more people will check it out and hopefully click on the ads. happy to stand corrected though as i'm definitely interested in this kind of thing.
  12. couldn't agree more. I had that today. was going okay then went into the printer / photocopy room which was super hot. I came out of there said hello to a colleague who made some comment about my glowing face. I'm a male and i wear a bit of camo makeup which obviously doesn't hide the problem. really got me down for the rest of the day.
  13. this product looks well worth a try. thought i would be the guinea pig and order it but the shipping to Australia came to $54 AUD. can't believe it can be that much. i've previously ordered some supplements from the US and the shipping was very reasonable. will have a look to see if i can purchase it elsewhere.
  14. after a while people at work probably got used to me blushing all the time so they no longer pointed it out. certain people enjoyed pointing it out everytime however. With the 2 girls that blushed i saw them go red quite a few times but no-one ever pointed it out.
  15. i clearly don't quite have it working right as i've been told i'm blushing while wearing it. i initially thought that when i put it on it would completely hide the blush but this clearly isn't the case for me. hopefully it at least hides the little blushes / flushes.
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