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  1. I had a second treatment of botox in my hands one week ago. This time it was 60 additional units (30/hand). I'd already had 100 units (50/hand) in my hands two weeks before. The doctor focused on my fingers, since that was the major problem area. After about 2 days, I got massive relief. My hands were so dry I had to lick my fingers to turn pages in a book. It was great. But at 7 days out, my fingers started to get wet again. They aren't as wet as they'd be with no botox, but they're wet enough to make me self-conscious. I'm really frustrated, because I thought I had found my cure. I don't think the botox could've worn off in a matter of 7 days. Has anyone had botox and experienced increased sweating after about a week?
  2. It's been 6 days and my fingers are still soaking wet. My palms seem dryer, though. The price to payoff ratio isn't looking very good.
  3. It doesn't hurt too bad. I was prepared for the worst given the feedback I've seen around the Internet. They put lidocaine on your hands an hour before the procedure, then use a machine to blow cold air on the injection site. It's just a little prick, not a painful injection. I could've easily had another 100 units per hand in that session. Still looking for someone to tell me how long it took before they saw results. It's been 3 days for me, and my hands are still sweating (maybe a 15-20% reduction, which is unacceptable given the price of the injections).
  4. Hello all-- I'm new to this forum. I've suffered hyperhidrosis for years, with no relief from Iontophorisis or drysol. My doctor wanted to inject 300 units of botox in each of my hands, but my insurance would only approve 50 per hand. I had the procedure done yesterday, and other than being black-and-blue, I don't see/feel any difference. For those of you who've had botox performed, how long does it usually take to start seeing a reduction in sweat?
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