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  1. This question is directed to Old Timer, or to anyone else who wants to chime in. I have facial blushing and am interested in effexor. Is that something you can take "as needed". Like before a meeting, or before a social event? Or is that something that has to be taken everyday to get the benefit from it?
  2. Hello consiering ETS, dri Nielson seems very good. anyone had luck with him? if anything negative please email briefly please. Ill be making an appointment with him soon.
  3. I have not had ETS, but am considering it for FB. I wonder, if many people complain about CS, could you just manage the social aspect of this issue with those athletic dry shirts that keep the sweat from permeating your clothes? I know it isn't a cure, but would help socially. Has anyone tried this?
  4. Hi, I am a FB'er, i dont have much sweating issues at all. a little underarm sweating, varied, not much overall. once in a while the underarm sweating hits me good, but not often. I am concerned about ETS and suddenly getting a whole bunch of problems i never had before. Do FB people after ETS have more side effects susceptability? like, after ETS, i could start sweating a lot? that would suck, if i got sweat coming down my back in my shirt, or on my stomach, while at work. i would hate that. so that is my question. please help thanks
  5. I would like some hard feedback on this. someone who has had it done. did it work for you? did it help? any side effects? Overall I hear this is good, but no one on here is talking about it, and no one seems to have had it done. Yet people are commenting that they heard it is good. First hand people - please fill us in. Or, second hand will do. If you know someone who had it done and is happy, that is helpful information. thanks, barbarian
  6. Hi I've been accused of something and want to clear it up with a lie detector. I have facial blushing, classic, and when I am nervous and it happens I feel like I can't even speak. I went in to take the lie detector and nerves got the best of me and I blushed. Though I am innocent, I think only blushers know how this problem makes us paranoid and worried that we wil blush when we should not have to. the heart rate on the lie detector went up during the blush (of course) and it caused inconsistencies. He said the final data looks inconclusive, but leans more toward deception. I'd like to retake it. Any suggestions?
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