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  1. Hi , I'm not sure which form of atenolol I am using but what I can say is I havnt been around this forum as much lately for one reason, It really is improving my condition . I Dont think it will completely cure me , and I still feel myself going red on those scale 10 situations but it has defo made a vast improvement. My nightout blushes now are around 25% compared to previous 80% and I sont seem to be getting any of those absolutely unexplainable blushes/flushes infront of the TV/coming from the shower etc. I am taking 100mg aday .
  2. I dont want to tempt fate just yet but I am having some good results with these atenol beta blockers I'm taking . Since taking starting them last monday , I have flushed once during sex and once when I was drinking. I have not had any of the unexplainable flushes sitting at home or after a shower , and in general feel a bit better with my self . I done a few outgoing things which I would nortmally feel nervous at with ease , such as going into see my boss in the office . I went out for a meal on Sat , which is a defo flush trigger . I had say 15% flush compared to usual 80% hardly noticable , I was also very relaxed and not as aware of my surroundings. I am hoping this is going to help , but I aint had any real bad situations as of yet . I am taking 50mg a day but took 150mg for the meal . The only side effetcs I am having are majorly fu**** up dreams !! but they are kinda fun. Doesnt seem to be effecting my tadger the way the last beta blockers did. I am going to finish the pills I have , go and see the Doc again and ask how much I can saftly take per day , then I am going to try and help my general skin condition maybe with more IPL and I'm going to look into Urea based moisterizers . Dunno if you have tried Atenol but give it a bash , its not a cure and its early days yet but I am defo shoing improvment.
  3. Are you guys in uk ?? No side effects at all ? I am currently on atenol ( betablocker ) dunno if its doing much to be fair .
  4. http://www.ausci.com/rosacea.htm quite an interesting read . any updates on the product they are releasing ?
  5. Watching easties , agaib bradleys cheeks are looking very calm . Do think its possible him in anyway ? he has a bebo page but I aint sure if its a fake. His name is Charlie Clements.
  6. Those who watch eastenders will no that bradley defo has what we have . when he first came to the show his cheeks were really bad , but they seem to be getting better . Do you guys think they are just applying more mak up or do you think he is getting treatment ? Maybe we should try and contact someone at Eastenders ? silly idea ?
  7. The old forum I visit diagnosed our condition as keratosis pilaris rubria facia (sp). It was all to do with the hair folicals being plugged . The above acids was the suggested treatment , searching around this site there isnt really any mention of this side of things . I understand this may not help with the phcological blushing but , I also have mild KP on my face/legs/arms back. I also can grow any facial hair in the area around my face . If I treat this , I am hoping it may help with some of the unexplained flushing i get . I am considering getting a hold of some decnet moisterizers/acids and scrubbing my face for a few weeks. What ya think ?
  8. I do also have the small bumps on my cheeks should this be somthing I should try ? looking around I have seen a few moisterizers that have 10 or 20 % urea. I think you may be able to get higher by prescription . It may not help with the phycological side of things but may help with general skin condition . I am sure urea has discussed before but I think it was on another forum I used . Can anyone shed any light on this .
  9. young kid was on complaining about red cheeks. Doctor suggested he had KP and suggested Urea based moisteriser ???? I am sure I have tried this before ??
  10. I am an electrician and when I get a 240V shock I tend to blush . The idea of carrying around a device to shock you is a little absurd.
  11. M8 thats such a co-incidence , was watching that programme last night thinking to myself how helpful and interested that dude christain seems and how great it would be to have a gp like him ! Best of luck with your mail you sent CH4 . I have a fear they might not entertain you simply cause they dont have any proven treatment for our condition , which wouldnt look so good on TV . Keep me posted m8 would be great to make our condition more reconised.
  12. Alright m8 , I am just back from GPs. I took in a small slip of paper with the symptoms of KS wrote down , she pretty much crossed them all out . I am 100% confident I have a mild case of KS but unless your totally abnormal GPs dont seem to care . I guess they are the ones in the know , I should take her word for it . I think KS means you have low testosterone , and infertility also . To test for it you would have a sperm count perhaps, but she wasnt interested . I am considering ordering testosterone supplements from the net to try it any way but havent researched it properly at the moment. So after elliminating KS the Gp asked me what Id like to achieve from this appointment :shock: I explained that I was totally fed up with the phycological side of FBFF. She has prescribed me Beta Blockers ( atanol?) for use in certain situations and also referred me for CBT. She then told me that I really should bother what people think of my face and just ignore it , She just didnt get it , but was better than my other GP. she has reffered me for CBT , is this somthing you have tried Jamie ? the thought of me going to see a shrink is hard to grasp but perhaps its what I need. I was total beetroot after comming out the GPs , fu***** hate this so much .
  13. Anyone know much about this ? Reading over the net , I am pretty sure I have a Mild form of this. Its to do with a hormonal Imbalance , Which would perhaps explain the flushing/blushing ?
  14. Anyone know much about this ? Reading over the net , I am pretty sure I have a Mild form of this. Its to do with a hormonal Imbalance , Which would perhaps explain the flushing/blushing ?
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