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  1. Hello, I have spots on my cheeks that are permanently red but seem to get worse for seemingly unexplainable reasons. It has been an issue that has affected my self esteem/confidence most of my life. It has been getting better with diet/lifestyle changes but still haunts me on occasions. Anyway, I am 95% positive what I suffer from is erythema due to hyperemia. My question is are there any medications that slow/control your metabolism, as I have a really high metabolism that I believe may contribute to my condition. Also do laser treatments such as IPL help for this or are the vessels to deep in the skin?
  2. Kruger, You mentioned that you can check your morning temperature to test for thyroid issues. Can you elaborate more on this? I have always suspected that this may be hormonal related too since problems usually start about the time we go through puberty. I started to read up on hyperthyroid and it seems that I have a lot of the symptoms.
  3. Hello, I have read that the antibiotic rifaximin has been used to treat people with rosacea and I am wondering if anyone here has ever used it and what was your success with it? Does it work to treat all forms of rosacea? I believe I suffer from type 1 rosacea (redness of face, flushing, blushing) and would like to try taking it to see if it will help me. Do you think it would be worth asking a doctor for a prescription or would they just look at me like I am nuts? Thanks in advance for any information.
  4. Last night my arms went completely dead ( loss of movement from loss of blood flow) two different times. I thought to myself " Man I must have really poor blood circulation" This seems to happen to me alot and it made me think maybe there might be some correlation between blood circulation and facial blushing. It seems to make sense because my face will go red when I do any sort of physical activity or when I am embarrassed (whether there are other people around or not on both). It seems that if there is suddenly a large amount of blood in your vessels and it is not circulating as it should it would build up in your veins and cause the redness that we all suffer from. That explains why the redness goes away after a few minutes because then our blood has started to circulate again. Maybe this could be responsible for facial sweating too because I also suffer from that. I have been researching facial blushing for along time and I have never heard any mention of blood circulation. Do you think this could be our enemy? What do you guys think?
  5. I just read red rum's post and I was just wondering what Acidphilus is and where you can buy it. I too think that blushing can be caused by poor digestion or just a poor diet and I am thinking of giving his theory a try. Where can I buy this stuff?
  6. redface


    I am not completely sure whether I have a FB problem, or just a minor case of Rosacea. I always have slightly red cheeks but anytime I do any type of physical activity or sometimes when I am in social situations my cheeks get abnormally red. My face gets really warm but my whole face doesn't get red, mostly my cheeks. I just don't understand it. I can be working with someone else doing the same physical work and their faces don't show the slightest redness. Does this sound like blushing or flushing? This is a major problem for me because I am a hard worker, but I avoid doing anything that involves strenuous physical activity now because my face will get red. It really sucks socially too because most people don't want to be around someone who looks like a tomato. Has anyone found any medications helpful to limit this redness/flushing. There has to be a cure for this.
  7. Hello, I have been reading posts on this website for a while now, but this is my first time posting. Like all of you here, I too suffer from facial sweating/blushing. When I first found this site I could not believe the similarities between others' conditions and mine. I would not consider my FB to be severe, but it is enough to control what I do and is killing my personality. I am 22 years old and I avoid most social confrontation(especially with girls) because I know I will go red at some time and I do not want to put myself in situations where I know it will happen. I feel like if I do not do something, life will pass me by. I also suffer from facial sweating. I do not sweat abnormally on other parts of my body, only on my face. I started using drysol a few months ago and it works great. I would highly recomend giving it a try if you suffer from excessive sweating and have not tried it. I no longer sweat in social situations or when I get nervous like I used to. After the success I had using that, I figured there has to be something that will stop or at least control my FB. I tried talking to a doctor last summer, but I could tell she thought I was loony or it was all in my head and that it is normal. She basically said there was nothing she could do and she had never heard of it. I realized that until you suffer from it you can never understand it and doctors will be no help because they don't know your situation like you do. The real reason I am making this post is to get opinions on ordering prescription drugs online. Is this safe, are these real FDA approved medications, etc. I know I have to be safe as to what meds I take and what dose, but Is ordering them online without a RX safe? In your experience, where is the best place to buy meds online? Are there any in the U.S.? All I want is to feel what it is like to be normal and make my life better, and doctors seem to think I am some bum looking for access to pills. Thanks for any help.
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