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  1. Congratulations! It is so nice to see happy news on this site.
  2. I tried this concealer recently. I found it to be no better or worse than most other concealers. My problem is with blotchiness on my neck, so I used it on my neck when I went to a dressy event recently. The drawbacks I would say are the cost and there isn't really a large selection of colours. It is also fairly small so if you were going to use it daily on a large area, it would expensive quickly. If you find a good colour match great, but otherwise it likely isn't the concealer for you. I personally don't think it would cover tattoos unless you used lots and lots of layers. I used 2 layers of this concealer, a layer of Colortration foundation and a layer of Revlon Colorstay on top (since I find that foundation has the best staying power). I set it with a a no-colour setting powder. I personally wouldn't buy it again, but you should try it (in store) and see if you like it. I personally prefer the Colortration mixed with Revlon Colorstay.
  3. reddy


    If you really want to help people for free, you should just post what worked for you here. That's what the rest of us, that really want to help others do.
  4. I thought the airbrushing was well done. Like you, I feared redness on my wedding day. In fact, while most brides have other concerns, the blotches were my main concern and my main fear about the wedding day. In the end, the airbrushing was a back up as I think with the help of the medication, I avoided any redness that day. As for the combination I used - I tried various combinations before the big day. I haven't used medication since the wedding (several months ago), but felt I definitely needed something that day. I used a combination of clonidine, propranolol, loratidine & zantac. Please keep in mind I'm not advising anyone regarding the safety of this combination, but for me it worked the day of. My doctor had also given me a prescription for Ativan to try for the wedding. I'd never taken it or any other benzo prior to a couple months before the wedding. I tried it and in the end decided not to use it. I found it made me really tired, but worse it had a somewhat amnesia like effect on me where I could not remember all the details of what happened when I took it (and I didn't want that on my wedding day). I also had the lowest dose (0.5 mg) - but decided it wasn't the drug for me. Thanks sunshiney! I too am really happy it turned out well.
  5. Hi shellykay, The day went really well! I spent months and months worrying about being the centre of attention and about the blotches and surprisingly I turned out to be very, very calm the day of the wedding and there were absolutely no blotches. I did take medication that day which I think helped a lot. I tried several combinations of different medications in advance to see what worked best so was ready the day of and it worked well. I had the airbrushing, which I think acted kind of like "extra security" but I honestly don't think the blotches appeared at all that day. I'm glad to say the day went very well
  6. Good luck with the airbrushing and microskin. I can tell you (as per my other post) the airbrushing can work to cover the blotches 100% but getting an absolute perfect colour match is very important and using the airbrush will take some practice, but if you can master it, and mix the right combo of colours to match you colour perfectly it should work. I hope your appointment with microskin goes well. i'd be very interested to hear about it. To me, microskin looks just like it is airbrushing - just more expensive - and they mix a perfect colour for you. Someone a while ago posted on here about how great it was and I asked that question, but the poster never came back. I'd be interested to hear if there is anything different with the microskin than with other types of airbrushing. Wishing you luck!
  7. I haven't tried dinair, but I wrote extensively about my experience with airbrush makeup in this thread: http://www.esfbchannel.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3403&highlight=
  8. There was a post with some other info about this here: http://www.esfbchannel.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3549 At the time that was posted, I mentioned that it sounded a lot like airbrush makeup. The original poster never came back to confirm whether or not it was similar, but if this is something you're considering, you also should look into airbrush makeup. You can get a system for A LOT cheaper than Microskin. As well, you can get either the water based makeup (not long lasting) or the alcohol based that will last for a few days unless removed with something like rubbing alcohol. It is also possible to get an exact colour match. I suffer from extreme blotchy chest/neck and I had a makeup artist use airbrush makeup on me for my wedding this year. You could not see the makeup at all, it stayed on - not a speck came off on my white dress and you could not see a single blotch. Since then I've been considering getting an airbrush kit myself. Not sure if this is exactly the same thing, but sounds similar and if you go with a normal airbrush/compressor and airbrush makeup it will be several thousand $ cheaper than this system and you won't have to travel to Australia. Would be interesting to hear if this is actually an airbrush system. Airbrush makeup can also be applied without an airbrush but it works better and the coverage is much better if you have an airbrush and compressor to apply it with.
  9. I'd love to hear updates on how this is working. A friend of mine had botox on her forehead to help with sweating and she found that it worked great. I too am a needle wimp but have the same problems as you do (blotchy chest/neck) and if this was successful, I think I would actually be able to deal with needles in order to get rid of the blotches. I hope it is going well for you!
  10. Yes, everyone is right that the product was not developed by Chanel after they said it did not do well in the testing phases. Here's the thread on it: http://www.esfbchannel.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2881
  11. I was going to order this too to try...until the shipping cost to Canada was calculated bringing the total to over $35 (more than $22 for shipping). I wish there was somewhere to buy it in store. Let us know how it works for you!
  12. Thanks for the great reviews curlgurl. I prefer liquid foundations and bought the Colortration. It takes a bit of practice to use it since it dries so quickly, but I agree it has great coverage. My main problem is the blotchy chest/neck. I use the Colortration on my neck too. What I do is use two layers (yes, 2!) layers of Colortration. I then put one layer of Revlon Colorstay overtop. Since the Colorstay is also long wearing (but easier to spread) it tends to cover up any mistakes made with the Colortration. I then set it with a colourless powder. The one I use is Ben Nye Neutral Set, but any colourless powder would be good. Colourless is best for the neck because of contact with clothes. I also wanted to try the Estee Lauder Maximum Cover. In Canada the department stores don't carry it at the Estee Lauder counters, so I will have to order it online. I agree with you as well on the Cover FX. It is a cream and although the coverage looks good when I put it on, it slides right off my face within hours (even though it is supposed to last!) The colour I was matched to is too dark for my neck so I don't use it there.
  13. Good luck! I hope your surgery goes well.
  14. How visible the makeup is really, really depends on the skill of the person applying it. There are so many variables with airbrush makeup. 1. The colour match - it CAN be perfect and if it is, it isn't very visible at all - in addition to being able to mix colours they have adjusters (e.g. yellow, red, white, etc.) that you can add to get the perfect shade. The key is figuring out which colours and/or adjusters to mix and the amount of each to use to get the perfect match. Also in the summer/winter your "perfect" match may need to be adjusted. 2. There are other factors - if you apply with higher psi the makeup will go on thicker. If you pull further back on the airbrush trigger the makeup will go on thicker - all depends on who is doing it and how good they are at it. 3. Making sure you have the airbrush far enough away from your face. It is supposed to be a certain number of inches from your face. If not, will go on too wet and thick and not dry properly to be as invisible as you would want. 4. You have to start with one light layer and then if additional coverage is needed (as it would be for most of us), continue building coverage with another light layer (and another etc. if necessary) instead of applying thick layers.
  15. If it is done well and the colour is matched properly to your skin tone, I think it would be good for a male. The important thing is getting a proper colour match. When the makeup artist did mine, you could not tell the difference between the side of my neck that was done and the side that wasn't. You can easily mix colours together in the airbrush and they also have adjusters that they can put in to get the perfect match. If someone went right up to you very, very close and was looking for it, maybe they might see something, but it isn't obvious and I really don't think anyone would notice unless they knew and were looking for it - as long as you have a good colour match. The best thing is the makeup is easily layerable. You can have light or heavy coverage - just go over the area again (or again and again) for better coverage. If it is something you're interested in learning yourself, I would suggest you find a professional makeup artist that does airbrush makeup and have that person apply it on you so you see what it is like before investing yourself. Around here many makeup artists use it and one of their specialties is often bridal makeup. If you search in your area, you may find someone with that specialty that could do a trial for you. I think it is really important to have a trial first because it is a somewhat large investment to make if you decide you don't like it. That way the makeup artist could also show you which colour(s) you need to mix to get the perfect match. Mixing is very easy. They just put a few drops of whatever they need in the airbrush, you put your finger over the end and pull the trigger and the colours quickly mix together with no effort. As for who sells it, the actual airbrush and compressor can be bought from many companies. Since my trial I've done a lot of research and Iwata seems to be one of the best known airbrush systems, but they aren't the only ones. I found these youtube videos are very informative for what to look for if you decide to buy an airbrush and compressor: Keep in mind airbrushes and compressors are used for many different things, not just makeup. You can really use any type of air source, but you have to make sure the psi is not too high for use on your face (need between 6 - 15 psi). As for the makeup, many companies sell it. Most of them have different lines - e.g. water based, silicone based and/or alcohol based (alcohol based is the type that stays on and is absolutely waterproof - but may be harder on your skin). Some of the companies are (and a lot of them also sell airbrushes/compressors in addition to makeup): Dinair: They also have a paramedical line, which I think has heavier coverage: http://www.airbrushmakeup.com/ Kett: Kett Hydro is their water based and Kett Hydro Proof is their alcohol based: http://www.kettcosmetics.com/ Temptu: S/B - their silicone based, Aqua - their water base and Dura - alcohol base: http://shop.temptu.com/c-2-cosmetics.aspx OCC: Skin - water base, Ink - alcohol base http://www.occmakeup.com/newcs.html And there are many more. You can google Graftobian and Skin Illustrator as they are a couple others I have read about. In my area, a lot of people started hearing about airbrush makeup when a company called Luminess started airing infomercials selling their system. From what I have read though, their makeup is not the best and I would buy from someone other than Luminess if I decide to buy. I have found a makeup supply store in the area I live that sells them in store. I've done a lot of research and am considering buying a system myself to do it. The only negative I have found that should be taken into consideration is that you should have good ventilation in the area you do this. Because some of the fluid might go into the air, you don't want to really inhale very much of it. For that reason, I would not use the silicone based makeups as some of the research I have done seems to say that silicone likely shouldn't be inhaled (but many makeup artists do use the silicone based product as it stays on better than water based but is easier on the skin than alcohol based). Let me know if you have any other questions.
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