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  1. A young man writes to ask for more info on a "cure" for blushing...23rd November 1888 http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&d=OW18881123.2.47.1 (can not copy and paste so scroll down - it's the last letter on the page)
  2. After years of hiding away and doing minimum wage, manual labour type work I saw a job ad last Thursday and had to "go for it" so applied and had an interview wednesday and the fella interviewing said I was the best (graphic designer)they'd seen so I am now a designer on a newspaper/magazine. I work in a room with 3 other people but everyone comes into our room to get us to design their stuff so I'm constantly being greeted by people whose names I can't remember giving me work to do. The male sales reps are all confident and the ladies on the phones all chat away and there's loads of noisy office banter. Today I was in my room by myself when the 'phone rang. Do I answer(it's the bosses phone, maybe he'll come in after it's rung a few times?) - my brain goes a bit funny and I kind of dither then decide I must "go for it". So I pick up the 'phone and say "Hello" but the noisy banter outside means I don't hear the reply so my brain goes stupid, and tells me the person on the 'phone isn't talking to me but that I've picked up the 'phone and so has someone else, elsewhere in the office and I'm now interrupting their chat. By now, I'm totally losing it and - get this - I just assume the call is nothing to do with me and put the reciever on the table, leaving whoever is on the other end talking into empty space! I then hear a sales rep burst out laughing and say "He doesn't want to talk" and, you can imagine, by now my face is burning up and I'm actually feeling really confused and spacey! So the woman who was on the other end, comes out of her office, walks up to my room and says "If the 'phone rings, answer it, will you?" and she must have thought I was thick as two planks! The hilarious bit was just putting the receiver down on the table instead of hanging up - as if I'd never seen or used a phone before. Doh! I wanted to say to them all: "I'm not thick - I'm not really this idiot you see before you!" But, all in all, think I will like it here. Just wish I didn't feel like a silly little boy half the time - I'm an adult male
  3. dcred

    London Meet

    November is ok with me
  4. Wow! Keep us posted, there's a store right near me that sells it too! If you're still giving good feedback in a few days then I'll try it myself.
  5. Is it visible to others as with makeup or you just rub it in and it disappears into the skin?
  6. Bored so typed Blushing into Google news (some fun/interesting articles) Then, on awhim, typed "Blushing Cure" into Google news Got this: http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20070823005154&newsLang=en "Col-118 appears to be the first effective treatment for the redness (flushing and blushing) associated with rosacea."
  7. dcred


    Stay cool, chill out, worrying wont help you one little bit. Either start developing a positive attitude now or do what I did: worry for 15 years and then start to develop a more positive attitude Believe me, you really don't want to waste the next 15 years before you decide to start changing yourself! Read the forums, try things that are cheap(er) and safer than than the more radical options such as surgery. Start saving up for Botox treatments...
  8. http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/learn/skullcap.php Introduction Skullcap is an herbaceous perennial mint with ridged leaves and tiny blue flowers, growing 1 to 4 feet (25 cm to 1 m) high. Various species of skullcap are important in Traditional Chinese Medicine as herbs that clear heat and dry dampness. The use of herb dates back at least two thousand years. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that skullcap is most useful for "draining fire" from the "upper burner," for patterns of symptoms including high fever, irritability, thick mucus, or hot sores and swelling. The herb is used to "dry dampness" from the stomach or intestines, treating any kind of digestive upset that stifling the urge to drink fluids or causes inflammation of the urinary tract. Skullcap also treats the symptoms of emotional excess "rising" in the body to cause blushing, flushing, irritability, or headache
  9. People all over the world go red after drinking...It's no big deal, really. At least you have a valid excuse. If I just went red after drinking, I'd be well happy! And, erm, I'd probably just go without alcohol! I wouldn't mind having a reddish complexion all the time either.That's quite normal. It;s being pale then going deep purple because something inane triggers it that drives me nuts!
  10. Yes it's a bit expensive - I'm going to try a few other things first. However, if no one on this forum has tried this yet, I'd be willing to chip ina bit to the cost so that person could experiment for the rest of us. If we all chip in a few quid...
  11. This might help you: http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/articles/article.aspx?articleID=575 And don't get angry/confrontational with her...unless you want to impress her with your red face, of course!
  12. http://www.leguidesante.co.uk/307/purchase/apaisance-antiredness-cream-bottle-50ml/ "This fresh and creamy emulsion works to moisturize and soothe skin prone to the appearance of redness and couperose with linden pro-anthocyans combined with a synergy of phytotherapic extracts. The addition of green reflecting pigments to correct the appearance of diffuse redness provides an immediate concealer effect."
  13. I'm not sure about mine, anymore. I can feel my neck and cheeks go red. Get hotter around the upper chest area. Not sure about my forehead. Back of neck, yes, not sure about ears. Don't really care if my ears go red! Not sure about my nose. Wonder if makeup/cosmetics would work (I'm male) just on cheeks. They are the part that really burn and go deep purple: cheeks down to jaw and neck.
  14. DIROSEAL ANTI-REDNESS CREAM 30ML A unique localised treatment to help reduce redness caused by broken capillaries. The key active ingredient, Retinaldehyde, reduces the fomation of new unwanted blood vessels and helps increase the thickness of the epidermis, to lessen the appearance of small blood vessels under the skin's surface. To be applied only to the affected areas every evening.
  15. http://911skin.com/guinot-anti-redness-treatment.html Wow! Read the description "Conceal and minimize blotchiness,red and flushed skin, calms redness..."
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