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  1. Nice one folks. Hope you get the support you need in this book. I certainly did. All the best, Joe.
  2. I suffer from excessive blushing mainly, however I do get profuse underarm sweat. I went to my doctor about both and fortunately he is amazing. I thought I would post in the sweating section to see if I could help some of you guys. For underarm sweating he prescribed ''Anhydrol Forte'' 20%.....It has been a miracle. I sweat in social situations, including high pressure stuff (my job is public facing) and I am as dubious as the next person but I have to say this stuff is incredible. I was born a skeptic but I used this stuff and not a drip of sweat. Like I say, my problem is blushing but if anyone is suffering from excessive sweating, please try this stuff, it is incredible. Now I hope they can invent something to prevent blushing!
  3. No problem. You should get it and pass it on to a loved one.
  4. Nobody understood why I would never go to family gatherings, stayed away and hid all the time. I bought this book and told my mum to read it. It is the best thing I have ever done. She made me go to the doctor and I am getting the support I need. No, I am not associated with this book in anyway, but if you are like me and you find it hard to talk to people about this, especially loved ones, get this book and tell them to read it. http://www.amazon.co.uk/When-Blushing-Hurts-Overcoming-Abnormal/dp/0595521576
  5. I have started using this over the past week and must say it is the best thing I have ever done to my skin. My cheeks are extremely sensitive and this stuff really has soothed it and calmed the reactiveness down. Before using this stuff I just wore this green tinted stuff from Boots called NO.7 rosy tone. The thing that killed me about this stuff as a male is that no matter how well I used it, you could always notice it under certain lights. I also recently read the ingredients and it contains all sorts of bad and nasty stuff including alcohol. I never used a cleanser or moisturiser, being a bloke i thought it was a tad ''sissy'' for want of a better word. I am currently using the soothing cleanser which I use at night with a bit of cotton wool. It is wonderful. It really clears away all the crap that accumulates over the day and it is really soothing and calm on the face. I also use the redness solutions protective daily base with SP15. This, like the NO.7 has a green tint, however the difference is it is slightly paler in colour and does not contain all the horrid stuff the NO7 did. The added bonus is that it has SPF 15. It is also the best thing I have found that truly HELPS to conceal the redness. I have tested this under various lights, close up and at distance in mirrors and let me tell you, you cannot notice it at all, a little goes a long way and the best thing is I know it is doing my condition good. I am going to buy the daily relief cream also as I have been so impressed. I do not work for Clinique nor am I associated with it in any way, but if you are after skin care and something to help hide the redness, this is the stuff, not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
  6. Use Niacin to induce a flush (Vit B3)
  7. sorry to hear your ets didn't go to plan mate. I was kind of considering ets but no chance now. I am in the same boat as you, it has ruined my life (I am 24 now). Blushing is very messed up, I think it is definitely a confidence thing. I have rosacea to. I got IPL a few years back and that really helped, could only afford 3 though, although I am saving up now to get at least 5, I think realistically that is our best bet. I hear botox is good for blushing also. I am using propranolol 80mg per day which initially worked, although I need to go back to my doc and try a higher dosage as it wore of on me pretty quick. Chin up man, I know you feel like sh** (as I do), but I am confident that within the next couple of years there will be a treatment which makes our condition a lot better!
  8. Go to the doc and get him/her to describe you some Propranolol or something similar to take the edge of.
  9. Hello everyone. Just wanted to give some feedback on IPL treatments I am having. I am a 23 year old bloke and have suffered from bad flushing all my life. About 5 years ago I had 2 treatments with Dr Patterson at Woodford Medical, results were remarkable but I just couldn't afford any more, being a student. Recently things got bad so decided to go back and have 4-5. I have to say, the results have been incredible. Flushing has been eliminated by about 70% and permanent redness about 75%. I also suffer from blushing and about 3 weeks ago got prescribed propranalol. This has quite frankly changed my life. I am on 80mg once per day and I have not blushed once since I started on them. The IPL is expensive but I have the best team working on my skin. I plan on having 2-3 more then 1-2 per year top up treatments. I would urge anyone to give this a go. I used to be on here all the time feeling sh** but there are treatments out there to keep this at bay, no doubt about it. I will be putting a full report on the rosacea treatment report forum as soon as I have all of the treatment. Peace Joe
  10. You do not fool me in the slightest. I have seen so many people like you on here over the years and quite frankly it should not be tolerated. This is where the conversation ends for me.
  11. I used a green gel mask (sold at Woodford medical) which helps an awful lot. On my 2nd session I was badly swollen, in fact I could barely open my right eye. It is superficial and will go down. Aloe Vera is very good. Make sure you keep it in the fridge. The swelling will subside in maybe a week to a week and a half. Avoid the sun and lay low if you can and keep your face nice and cool.
  12. I had 3 IPL sessions with Dr Patterson in 2004. It made a huge difference to my life. If you are going for IPL, Dr Patterson is the man. It is not a cure, but I saw an incredible improvement. I am saving up to get more, aswell as top-up tretments maybe once or twice per year.
  13. People like you disgust me and I feel unclean after reading this. How dare you exploit vulnerable people so blatantly. Using CAPS LOCK all of the time makes you appear incredibly dumb if you have even the tiniest incling people would believe your horrid marketing speal. ''IT WORKS!'' I wish I was a mod on here because I would track your IP address and report you.
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