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  1. So this is actually a real program there? We have a show here in US called Ugly Betty and the star America (her name) has been showed in magazines having big wet marks under her arms so they started calling her Sweaty Betty. I thought that was it. But they actually have a show on this? Why don't Americans have more shows on Hyperhidrosos???
  2. Yes, but this has given me many mental issues and has turned me into an Agoraphobic. Now, instead of just sweating when I go out, I get extreme panic attacks. I am at home always cause when I go out I come home and just cry. I just want to be normal and not be judged by my outside but by who I am within. :cry:
  3. Only 5 years. All I can think about is 5 more years of sweaty hell.
  4. LOL check this site out. Has the smelliest celebs. http://yeeeah.com/blog/2008/01/30/matthew-mcconaughey-stinks/
  5. Where did you get Alma?? I looked it up online and NADA???
  6. I use Odaban. I honestly like it better than the hydrosol the Doc. perscribed. I asked for other methods and she said try this first. Even Odaban I use like once or twice a week and it is not working good anymore. The frist time used it, it worked great. I live in the USA. I know odaban is % and one night I accidently put so much on that I couldn't sleep it burnt so bad. I ended up getting two ice packs from the fridge and stuck them under my arms and that helped me sleep for a couple hours. In the morning there was no way I could where sleeveless shirt my underarms were mutalated. They were soo red and ovious. They still burnt. After that day I only put one spray under each arm a few times a week. It's just not working anymore. How much does Lypo cost (around)??
  7. Anyone know of a website to watch this in the U.S.?
  8. That sucks that it didn't work, maybe not even worth trying.
  9. Can you use this cream in the underarm area? Anyone know if it's available in the US???
  10. I know how difficult it can be. That is why I am in College ONLINE! Did you get surgery? What have you found relief from. I also use a hardryer in the summer just to dry some of the sweat. I wish more insurances took Botox!
  11. What is Alma??? I am interested. I am not sure about hypercare either. What didn't you like about it?
  12. purplesky

    Yours truly

    I will post a photo but I am a dingbat and don't know how.
  13. You are so right!!! That is exactally what happens to me when going out anywhere. I have kind of turned into an agoraphobic because I fear my bodily reactions. It's on your mind and I honestly think it's a mind of matter issue.
  14. Sorry but they all cause irritation. Try not shaving for a day or two before you use it and you should have much less irritation and don't use as much.
  15. Have you tried Hypercare? I still like odaban better but it has 20% A.C. and you can get a perscription for it.
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