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  1. So yesterday i went to the store and looked around for makeup that I could by for Facial Blushing. I asked the man at the counter if he had any makeups that would cover up facial blushing. HE LAUGHED AT ME AND SAID I DONT KNOW. :cry: I felt really crappy the rest of the day. Anyways I live in the US and im looking for makeup or MEDs that I could buy at a common store. Over the counter stuff and nothing ordered online because it would be really embarresing if my parents found out. Thanks for reading if u did
  2. Hi! I live in the US and was wondering if i could buy any common face cream or makeup that could hide my blushing... I really dont want anyone to know about it and i am a 17 yr old kid. So something like, i could walk into a store and get it with no perscription.. does anyone know where to get these types of things at common US stores? Please I need help to get something quick.. THANKS! :oops:
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