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  1. Hi all! After having ETS done twice, I am now looking at camo creams. I tried Dermablend and Keromask in the past but found them too pasty to put on. Any advise on this? I have been looking today and saw two products, Veil Cover Cream and Rio Camouflage, has anybody tried these? And before somebody jumps down my throat I'm not pushing products, I genuinely want some advice on how to apply these right and want to know if anyone has tried these two products as I've never seen them mentioned on here before. I have just ordered the Rio and it comes tomorrow so I'll be able to put my experience on here then but any advice on getting it right before that would be great! I am panicking a bit, well a lot actually, because you see I start a new job on Monday and of all places for a blusher to work, it's in a pub. My partner runs the place and we both live in and it just makes sense for me to work here, but I'm really nervous. I'm nervous about dealing with suggestive comments, awkward customers, dropping glasses and everyone laughing, and generally feeling in the spotlight being behind the bar. I'm dreading this! Please help!
  2. TerriV


    Hi! I don't suffer from Rosacea, I am an anxiety sufferer, but I came across this cream on the JML website and it mentions that it helps with Rosacea so I thought I'd mention it, hope it might help someone. http://www.jmldirect.com/Elicina-Cream-PE2010/ Terri. x
  3. You can already get something similar to this, but it has to be injected into your thigh I think. It's called Melanotan and I have been considering getting this for over a year! There is a forum for users, and the only website I know that sells it is http://melanotan-tanning.co.uk/index.htm though I'm sure there are others. Please let me know if you decide to get some, I'd love to know the results!
  4. Yes, I have, twice! The first time the blushing came back after six months. Fingers crossed this time it's gone for good! x
  5. Hi KariGrace! I've been without an internet connection, and by the time I came back online to see your results this thread has gone through all sorts of twists and turns! Anyway, I'm really glad it went so well for you, I had a feeling it would. It's time to start living now girl, I wish I'd had the op ten years ago when I was your age, but hey I'm well appreciating my results now! How is the pain now? It takes a while to go doesn't it. I am still getting a little pain and numbness and sensitivity, but it was the same the first time round and will go. Have you been putting yourself in blushing situations? It feels amazing when the blush doesn't come doesn't it! Terri. x
  6. Where do you get that from Andrew? x
  7. I think it was at a job interview. There were two of us being interviewed for the same job at the same time, kind of competing against each other which I totally was not expecting! Straight away I just assumed she was better for the job than me, as you do! So, the whole time sitting next to this other girl with three interviewers at the other side of the desk my face was burning! I could not think straight, when I gave answers my voice would shake and go all high pitched, and the answers I gave were very short and not at all thought through, just to get it over with so they wouldn't all be looking at me! I could barely even take in the things they were saying and the questions they were asking, the confusion was intense! My hands were shaking so badly, which was easy to see when I took off my suit jacket which I had to do before I fainted! It was such intense heat in my body, and burning on my face which I knew was extremely visible! And how they were all staring at me, they all looked gobsmacked, looking me up and down with the most puzzled, almost disgusted expressions on their faces. They thought I was mad. Then, perhaps the worst part, I saw one of the interviewers write down "EXTREMELY nervous!!!!!!" this just shattered any illusion I had in my head that what I was going through wasn't showing on the outside. That just fired up the heat to ultimate, extreme, and unbearable. I said I wasn't feeling well, apologised and left very quickly. I never heard from them. This one sticks in my head mostly coz it's unique. I've only had two other interviews, both one on one, and got the job both times because I managed to keep my cool. There are countless other awful times, the worst of which are the ones where someone feels the need to say "Aaah, look, she's going all red!" Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there are many many many other times, I just couldn't even begin to tell!
  8. Hey Andy! I tell you, Cliniques Almost Make-up is the one you wanna get, you don't need to order it online, just buy it at a counter! Have a chat with Bob Bear on here, he knows plenty about make-up guys can use! I hope you're well, that salesperson is a right idiot! I used to hate it when things like that happened to me. I used to think to myself, "If it wasn't for the fact that I'm blushing now and just wanna run away and hide, I'd give you a right earful!" lol. Seriously, have a chat with Bob Bear, he'll sort you out. Terri. x (Tari)
  9. I bought some fake bake spray, but it didn't seem to spray very well, kept leaving me with small dark brown dots! The product itself is a nice colour, just hope they've done something about the dodgy spray nozzle! lol.
  10. Kari, I really hope it goes well for you, I'll be thinking of you! I hope so much you have the life changing experience I've had! I certainly don't have thinning hair, and definitely no reproductive problems, I have three beautiful daughters! I am definitely not emotionally detached! It is clear you have seen a million doctors and done your research and are fully aware of what could happen. My first surgery was years ago now, and still no terrible side-effects. In fact no side effects at all. I didn't sweat excessively in the first place though so maye that helps with cs, I don't know. I am very happy. The reason I hang around here is to try and help my Mum, brother, and sister. Particularly my sister as she is only 15. They can't afford surgery so I give them any suggestions I find on here. I really hope something happens with the Chanel product, but I am not convinced by it. Anyway, I wish you luck! There are a lot of people on here will be thinking of you and hoping it's a success, I hope that's some comfort to you as you're bound to be nervous. It sounds like there are a lot of people on here who care very much about you, and whatever their opinion on the surgery, they will be praying it goes well for you! Terri. x
  11. Johnny, are you considering surgery? Mine went very well. x
  12. 1. Where are you from? Kent, England 2. Gender Female 3. Age 28 4. Do you regularly smoke or drink or take drugs? Drink occasionally 5. Are you overweight? No 6. Have you had any surgeries or health problems before having the surgery? (high blood pressure, etc.) No 7. What did you MAINLY have ETS for? Facial Blushing 8. How would you rate the severity of your condition? Severe 9. Which section(s) did the doctor cut or clamp? T2 T3 10. Any complications, if any, during the surgery? No 11. When did you have the surgery? June 2003 / redone April 2007 12. Who was your doctor? Mr Hoile, Kent, UK 13. List the positive outcome, if any, from the surgery I don't blush anymore and have my life back, almost, just need to work on the anxiety which is getting better all the time without the blushing. 14. List the negative outcome, or side effects, if any, from the surgery: The first op only stopped blushing for six months, but I never had any cs 15. Are you happy with the surgery? Yes. 16. What is your nationality? British 17. Does any other family member(s) suffer from the same condition? Yes, Mum, Brother, Sister, Nan, aunts, cousins! My children, three daughters, are very young, can't tell yet if it's been passed on to them! I hope not. *18 (optional). Any other comments or suggestions I would recommend anyone to go for this surgery. Even though I have had to have it done twice, it is definitely worth it.
  13. Wow, that's great, thank you, I will definitely give it a go! I can't believe I've never heard of that before!
  14. Yes, a great one is Garnier Dry Face Mist. Spray it on one day and then again the next and the colour is lovely and lasts for days. x
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