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  1. hello, im new to this forum, although I have known about the site for a while now and i think its great. when i first found it, i felt the relief that I wasnt the only one with this condition, just like all of you guys! ok, im and 18 year old girl in the UK and am currently doing my A Levels. I have suffered from facial blushing for about 3 years now. I happens mainly in situations when im anxious, but alot of the time i blush simply because i worry that im going to blush! i wont go into all the details, as my story is very similar to many other peoples on this forum. Recently I went to the doctor about it, as i really felt it was beginning to affect my everyday life too much, avioding situations, getting so worried and anxious about things, and its so irrational! the doctor was great, he could tell how nervous i was explaining it, as ive NEVER spoken to anyone about it before. He agreed with me, that the cause is mental, and irrational fear. He referred me to a consellor, who was, quite frankly, useless. Many users on this forum seem to have had similar pointless sessions with consellors! I am considering going back to my doctor soon, since he was so understanding last time. Right, the reason I am writting this post is this. Yesterday my boyfriend and i were talking about one of his friends, I say friend, more of an accquaitance. He was talking about her, and mentioned ' oh shes so annoying she goes bright red when ever she talks'. my reaction to this was of course to blush! my bf has noticed my blushing, but I have never explained it to him. But this is the first time i have ever come across someone with the same condition, other than on forums like this. And its made me really want to get into contact with others like me. I dont know how many users on this forum are registered with websites such as 'myspace', or 'facebook' (the latest crazes, I know!), but I think they are really good for getting to know new people, and to talk to someone who suffers from facial blushing would be great! sometimes just talking about something makes such a difference If anyone would like to add me on msn, or email me, my address is : high_expectations@hotmail.com sorry for such a long post! sophie x
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