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  1. That's great Seamonkey. My first years of college/university were torturous as well. But I turned things around, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm in the right spot. I think years of suffering, and an occasional relapse, gave me a whole new perspective.
  2. I suppose I could vouch for either side of the argument. However, my fiance', a non-blusher could care less about my disposition. The other day, in a light hearted fashion, I told her my face would turn extremely red on our wedding day, and she said "I love it!!" That makes my situation a whole lot easier.
  3. I've never been on Celexa, but I tried Lexapro for a while. Both drugs are very similar, and in some respects exact. I can honestly say that lexapro worked well for me. It took almost 4 weeks to take effect. I say, give Celexa a try.
  4. Good post Mission. At times, even the simplest of statements can summarize our conditions with great lucidity. I agree. I held a great deal of shame not for a single incident but for a lifetime of events. It wasn't until I met an incredible lady who, through an unconditional acceptance of who I am, taught me to laugh at my misfortunes. As was stated in a previous post, my scars may never fade. But with laughter, I have healed a lifetime of pain.
  5. Thanks for the update Blue Note. Remeron has several interesting pharmacological properties for an antidepressant. Its good to hear a few success stories. Generally, the strong antihistamine action goes hand-in-hand with increased appetite, but with time, a person's appetite should re-establish itself. The sedation should also become more tolerable with time, as well. ....but I'm just restating what was already said. Again, thanks for the update.
  6. GBforest


    I love lattes. And this one sounds as if it appears through magic ...something only Robin Goodfellow can truly appreciate. Wow, I just might have one right now. The appled left turn sounds appealing, too. That's it! Tomorrow I'm eating an apple, drinking a latte and taking a left turn all at once!!! What a great way to instigate trouble.
  7. It gives me a hint of calm when stressed, which can be very helpful. However, it does little to stop an actual blush from happening.
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