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  1. Have any of you even bothered to see if this could be the case for many of us? Example, a reputable Homeopathic Dr. in Ontario told me that excessive stimulation of sweat glands can be caused by Linoleic Acid deficiency and in some cases undermetabolisation of the mineral silica. Any comments?
  2. I'm trying to find a licensed Hyperhydrosis Acupuncturist - I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - what would be the best way to find one?
  3. Has anyone bought this book? He claims it works and gives a money back guarantee - two months I think. Anyway, I emailed him and asked him if I could buy a hard copy as it looks like he is just selling it as an E Book. I don't want to read it on the computer. Anybody tried it? Mission.
  4. Does anyone know where I can get these? I live in Ontario, Canada and unless someone knows of a place here, I can always order and have shipped if you know where I can obtain same. I appreciate any replies. Thanks. Mission
  5. I was curious as to what medication you are taking and is it specifically for HH or for your anxiety? Who prescribed it - a shrink or a G.P.? I would like to know as my son has been on Celexa for almost two years (this May) but it for his anxiety not the HH. Thanks. Mission.
  6. I read your post where u say u have a book on Sweating? Does this book have something in it that most of us don't already know? I'm curious to know. Pls. respond if u see this. Thanks.
  7. Would love to know who told you this? I think this sounds ridiculous and I have never heard about such side effects associated with this machine. They have been selling it for several years now and while it is a pain in the ass if you really perservere and give it a try - it does work. Someone called Kentguy wrote me and said he had used it very successfully for over 3 years. I don''t know why he stopped using it though. He didn''t say but I think he may have just gotten lazy or something. Regards, Mission
  8. Hey there, Thanks for replying. I didn''t pay anything for the site. I just found it and am using it. Why do you ask? Did you pay to join the old site? Please reply and let me know a little more about you, if you wish. Thanks. Mission.
  9. Encore, again thanks for replying. I hope this site picks up with more action. I''ll keep trying. As to your question, it''s really my son''s problem. He suffers from HH of the palms. I have taken it upon myself to gather as much info and insight into the problem as I can - as his low self esteem re this problem breaks my heart as well. Mission.
  10. This machine can be purchased from a company in California. I would really recommend it at least for sweating of the hands. If you want more info about it just ask. I have even heard of people using it and then applying Odaban Gel for complete relief. Wihile it isn''t a permanent solution, you have to do maintenance - you just have to be willing to give it a real good try and it might just be the right solution for you. My son is using it and now that he sees that it actually works - he doesn''t have a problem with the minor discomfort associated with it. I hope this isn''t too good to be true. I am really against invasive surgery as who really knows 10 years from now what can happen. You are playing with nature for a condition which while can be very difficult to live with at times is not life-threatening. When I hear some people say they would rather have their original sweating problem back - I am so glad we didn''t let our son have the surgery. How could I live with myself if something went wrong? Some chances are just not worth taking. For those of you who were brave enough to take the chance and are not experiencing adverse effects - I just pray that the positive continues for you. I would rather find something that can manage it until a less invasive cure comes along. For those of you who still have not found something that works for your sweating - don''t give up - remember what works for one person does not always work for someone else. There are so many things we can try. Don''t hesitate just because someone said there is no evidence that a certain treatment works. If it helps just one person - then I am happy. I send prayers for all. May God grant us all the peace we need. Mission.
  11. Encore, thanx for replying. I only just joined a while ago. Do you know how long this new site has been operating. Hopefully, it will just take some time before all the oldies but goodies connect again. The support is needed to continue awareness that people like us exist. Thankx again. Mission.
  12. I keep checking this site daily and never see much activity. Why is that. The ETS site has so many more people actively communicating? Can anyone tell me why? If I don''t see more action soon, I think I will just give up on it. Mission. :cry:
  13. Ours was about 40 minutes. The surgeon had only performed 20 surgeries of this type. We found alot of people who want to die since they had this surgery. Do u know how many different things can happen to you after this surgery. Basically, you are taking a chance on something that might give you more problems worse than the problem you have now! Quite a gamble I would say. If on the other hand you are going to die because of your condition and this surgery is the only way to give you a chance for life - of course - would we not all take the chance. Trust me - think this through and try evvvveryyyything else first - short of killng one monster and creating one much, much worse. The doctor is off the hook - you sign a paper before the surgery. The surgery may go well but what can happen after. Prettty scary if you ask me. I''d rather gamble my home and all my worldly possessions.
  14. I have been in touch with a Naturopathic Dr. who claims he has had some success treating HH people with a system of drainage Unda system which is actually I think done via natural medicines. He then uses a non-needle acupuncture technique as well. He wants to also address any nutrient deficiencies. Has anyone gone this route? Would n''t it be wonderful if it works. The procedure is called: Biotherapeutic Drainage/ Unda Therapy. With this, he claims we can change the physiology in the Nervous System as he seems to think there is a connection here. My son''s anxiety seems to stimulate the sweat glands which is why we might sweat in a public place? They will have to take a complete case history. My G.P. didn''t seem thrilled but the medical profession doesn''t know enough about natural medicine and doesn''t really give them a lot of credit or support. I think one needs to be cautious however and know that what may be ingested in the body is not going to kill you or make you sick. Would love to talk to others about this. Mission
  15. Would love to know if anyone knows anything about this before I start searching the topic myself? You might save me some time. Let''s talk. Thanks. Mission.
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