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  1. grandmasterflush- I have been using a private gp and travelling through to Edinburgh for appointments, i also get IPL there. I was having no luck with my local NHS GP. Although it is not ideal, i have not had any problems having drugs prescribed for rosacea. I suggested the Brimonidine eye drops after reading up some reviews and it has so far been amazing results. I have not read many reviews regarding the gel, although i am going to stick with the eye drops for now, due to the results. I did not have time to apply the drops this morning before work and so ended up with a bad flush around 10 am. I noticed in the mirror so applied some drops then, mixed in with hand lotion. I checked my face again around 15 mins later in mirror and was shocked to see I had pale cheeks. I usually have a full on flush for at least 3 hours, so this was a big surprise. Drewski the brand i currently have is Brimonidine 0.25% concentration.
  2. I got a prescripton from doctor, so just pick it up from boots. I was told not to put it directly on to face and mix a few drops with lotion/moisturizer and then apply to flush zones. So far i am delighted with results.
  3. Has anyone ever used Brimonidine for flushing/base redness. I have been reading great success stories on other forums and have just been prescribed it today. Brimonidine is the main ingredient in the drug sansrosa which is currently being developed. I have been prescribed a 0.25 concentration. (used as eye drops usually) This afternoon I put one drop mixed in with some moisturiser on my cheeks and within 30 minutes I was left with white patches on each cheek, where it was red before. I have attached the link to an article from a dermatologist discussing the use http://www.skinandallergynews.com/news/medical-dermatology/single-article/eye-and-nasal-drugs-tame-rosacea/097ef83fdb.html After trying almost everything else i hope this finally helps !
  4. Has anyone heard any recent information on this ? I had hoped phase 3 trials were complete and it would be released later this year. This link http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00989014 suggests phase 3 trials are just beginning which is disappointing. Any other recent info i can find seems to be speculation.
  5. what online site did you get them from almostthere?
  6. Just found another user who suffered from blushings post http://melanotan.org/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1220583792
  7. sounds promising, wouldn't mind a nice tan aswell .
  8. [Over the years my blushing has got slighty better, i've had ETS 10 years ago. but may main problem now is flushing on my neck and my face been bright red, this happens in meetings, interviews, and when i have to talk to more than 1 person or a good looking girl. Will IPL work for this? how long does it last? and generally how much it cost? thanks] I usually get flushed when i am anxious about something such as a presentation or as you say meeting a girl. Even when the room is too warm or too cold this can bring on a flush. So hopefully IPL would help you too. The price depends on how many blasts of the laser you get each treatment. The average cost is around £200 a session where i go to in Edinburgh. I didn't really notice any results until my last treatment when i asked for the nurse to go over my face twice with the laser which cost £300. It will vary on how long the treatment lasts, but i have been told i will probably need one top up a treatment every year at the beginning. Then as the blood cells on my face are less prominent i will not need as many treatments. It is certainly an expensive treatment, especially when i still have to pay for the botox treatment. Hopefully the IPL will get rid of the burning sensation and flushing and the botox the blushing and it will be worth it though !
  9. i have had four treatment of IPL since may and have just started to finally notice a big change with flushing. My flush is no where as intense and red as it used to be and the burning sensation is not quite as bad. I have another appointment in three weeks, which i hope will be my last for a while. I am then going to get botox for the blushing. I would say the IPL has definately helped the blushing, but i believe it is more a treatment for flushing. So for anyone still experiencing the burning senstation i would suggest a few sessions of IPL. It is certainly not a cheap option though . But i would spend anything to get rid of this and lead a normal life !
  10. i am going to have my second IPL treatment tomorrow. I plan on having another one and then botox. I think the IPL helps to stop that burning feeling that appears before blushing and it has also helped a bit with flushng aswell. Hopefully the two together should get rid of most of the problem !
  11. richymcp that is exactly what happened to me ! i travelled down from scotland yesterday for botox but dr patterson recommended IPL first. My eye is very badly swollen today and there is also slight bruising. It was fun travelling on the train for 6 hours with the worst flush ever after the treatment, and it also looked like i had went 6 rounds with mike tyson. I will keep you all posted on my results. I think i will have to travel to a clinic in edinburgh for my next treatment as i will be unable to travel down to england due to work.
  12. I am booked in for botox on the 15th of May with Dr Patterson in Derby ! I will let everyone know how it goes.
  13. you scots are all the same, wasting peoples time
  14. Alrighty folks, aint been on this in a while and noticed there is a good few folk from the glasgow area now. I really want to get botox or IPL from Dr Patterson aswell but would have trouble travelling down to England at the moment. Do you think if there were enough people he would be willing to carry out the treatment in a clinic in the Scotland area? Cheers
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