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  1. zig


    I haven't flushed for a while now since I've been following the high-histamine vitamin supplements which is great. I even gave a talk the other day at work and didn't go red. However, the last 4 days have been hell for me. No flushing, just immense levels of anxiety. I have ceased the vitamin supplements as I believe they are causing it. It's really scaring me, I think I'm going to head to the doctor on Monday as all this adrenaline/anxiety can't be good for the old ticker. I keep thinking I'm going to have a heart attack which makes it even worse....I really have to lighten up and deal with it. I think it helps being able to blurt it out here too as I have no one to talk too about this. I feel really stupid. :roll: Alcohol reduces my anxiety which isn't a solution but helps in the mean time.
  2. zig

    get a life

    This is absurd to say the least. It almost sounds suicidal. I think you really should look at getting some professional help asap for your own sake.
  3. Nei, jeg er Australsk men jeg kan snakke litt norsk. Jeg reist til Norge i 2005. Herre gud! Nordmenn kan drikke så mye Det er vanskelig for meg til å førstar folk fra sørlandet. Dere i sørlandet snakker en rar dialekt. :roll:
  4. Never heard of it either. 4:22am? Liker du ikke å sove? Hvor bor du i Norge?
  5. I tried some SAM-e(S-adenosyl-L-methionine) the other night as recommended in order to reduce histamine levels. Let me just say this...I'll never take it again. :shock: I had a racing heart, adrenaline rushes, hallucinations, paranoia and insomnia. I felt like I was about to fight and kill someone. It actually really freaked me out. :shock: Has anyone else experienced similar negative side-effects? Zig
  6. zig

    Yours truly

    Yeah I'm glad you don't see any red as I'm not flushed in that photo at all. When I do get flushed I steadily get red from the neck up. I may post one of those one day. I just thought I would put a face to the name. Zig
  7. Yeah the blotches are the worst about it. I'd much prefer just to have facial blushing not neck/chest and face. People always seem to notice the neck blotches.
  8. Hey rosycheeks. Kramer is running a diet experiment here: http://www.esfbchannel.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2165 Looks like no cereal if this is the sort of diet you are thinking of. I think my issue is related to Histamine levels which means I'm trying to stick to a histamine restricting diet as best I can. There are some things I just won't give up.. :wink: http://www.urticaria.thunderworksinc.com/pages/lowhistamine.htm
  9. zig


    That sounds very much like me at work after a meeting. :oops: I'll even take my work with me and duck out into the server room(which is freezing cold) to speed up the reduction of flushing. Not sure if it actually works but it makes my face feel a lot cooler not to mention that I'm isolated in there from just about everybody. 8) On a positive note, I had a social event yesterday night and I didn't get flushed even after a number of beers. I'm pretty happy about it.
  10. hehe yeah you Scandinavian types drink like fish, I'm not surprised. :wink: Aquavit....mmmmm good. That moonshine they make has a kick to it also. :twisted:
  11. Welcome rosycheeks! I'm pretty new here myself. I have found this forum a great wealth of information and it has also helped me understand that I am not the only one dealing with this condition. Does your blush start with a blotchy neck/chest and then spread to your face or do you just go red in the face? I'm a blotchy neck person, I don't go red in the face before my neck does.
  12. Out of curiousity, do you just go red or do you get blotchy around the neck/chest? I go red sometimes when drinking alcohol socially. But the more I consume the more carefree I become and the flushing goes away. I agree with mchh though, Alcohol is not the answer.
  13. zig

    Yours truly

    Just a picture of me taken recently. Perhaps I'll sum up the courage to post one of me with the FB going on.....I tend to delete any photos I find where I am red.
  14. zig


    Yeah on occasion whilst engaging in bedroom activities I go red :oops: , not as severe as when I am stressed out though.
  15. zig


    From what I have read on this forum it sounds like to me that there is no one cure that will work for everybody. I certainly haven't "almost healed" and I don't consider myself to have a disease of any sort. It's obviously just part of my genetic makeup, it's annoying and frustrates the hell out of me. But honestly there are a lot of other people out there with far worse conditions(ie quadraplegic, blind, deaf, multiple sclerosis, cancer). Perhaps we should put it into context if flushing/blushing is the most serious medical condition we suffer from.
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