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  1. Hi everyone, It's eight years since my op and things are pretty much the same. July/August are really humid months here and I try to stay inside as much as possible, as I get compensatory sweating when it's hot. The sweating of my hands, underarms and feet have not come back, even during these months. Overall, I'm very happy that I had a successful op, which enabled me to do things that I could never do when I was young.
  2. Hi everyone, Didn't realise that I hadn't posted in almost two years. Things are pretty much the same. Just passed the six year mark. CS seems to be getting worse, but to be honest, I think the heat and humidity is increasing year by year. Anyone got any tips on how to stop sweat from showing through t-shirts? I always wear a singlet top underneath, but there are still bits that aren't covered , so I have to be careful.
  3. Hi everyone, Just realised that I made a mistake last time. It was spring when I last posted, not fall. Things have improved a lot in Tokyo. Some of the large companies have changed their work days, so instead of working Mon-Fri, they're operating Sat-Wed, which means that the use of electricity is being spread out over the week. This allows the trains to use air conditioning during peak times, so it's really good. I started using my air conditioner two days ago. I was hoping not to use it at all and just use a fan, but it got too uncomfortable. My feet, chest, back and underarms were sweating non-stop. I couldn't even wipe them dry for a second, as every time I tried, the sweating would just start again. I'm counting the days to September. Can't wait for the sweating to stop or at least reduce.
  4. Hi everyone, As I'm sure you're all aware, Japan has been through a really rough time over the past couple of months. Most things have started to get back to normal in Tokyo now, but Fukushima is still in a state of devastation and will take up to ten years to rebuild. The nuclear plant disaster has meant that electricity supply is less than before. In Tokyo, many train stations are still keeping lighting to a minimum and some escalators are not being switched on. Some trains have the air conditioner on during peak times, but even then, it's on very low. Most shops and restaurants don't use their air conditioners at all. In regards to how I'm doing with my CS, it's bearable, but I am sweating a lot on the trains and it's still fall here, so I'm not looking forward to summer at all. My apartment is fairly cool, so I'm fine at home and haven't had to resort to using a fan yet. My condition is the same as previous years with my hands and feet still dry. My underarms are sweating a bit more, but I think that has more to do with the current environment that I'm in, than my body. I'm in my apartment now and completely sweat free.
  5. This year was the hottest year in Japan in 113 years according to newspaper reports. It was indeed horrible. It was the first time I had body odor since my operation in 2007. My feet were sweating, though not like before, when I would leave puddles everywhere. I don't think the CS was much worse than my friends' sweating. Many of them were changing clothes half way through the day and they don't have hyperhidrosis. Overall, I'm still very happy with the surgery. The weather is now cooler and I'm not sweating again.
  6. Hi Sweatparty, Welcome to ESFB. Yes, definitely try all the treatments you can before considering ETS. My friend has underarm sweating and has botox injections once every 8-12 months. This treatment has worked for her and she is very happy with it. I have noticed that I now have gustatory sweating. I didn't realise it until recently. It started off about 6 months ago and because it was very slight sweating, I didn't pay much attention to it, but now when eat spicy food I sweat quite a bit from my forehead and upper lip.
  7. Hi Lethal Injection, CS is different for everyone, so I can only tell you from my own experience. My CS is bearable at all times except when it reaches around 80% humidity or above and I'm outside in the heat. When this happens, I wear two tank tops. The bottom one gets wet, but the top one is fine. It won't soak through. I usually do this for two months of the year, July and August.
  8. Hi Lethal Injection, Having ETS is a very difficult decision to make. You don't know the outcome, so it's something you have to really think hard about. The best advice someone told me on this forum was to read all the information about ETS, then walk away and weigh up the pros and cons. And never, never do it if you have any doubts. I went as far as cancelling my surgery because I was so confused and then finally re-booking it again. I have been very lucky with my results, but others haven't, so you need to ask yourself, if your results are bad, what would your life be like? Would those side effects be better or worse than what you're going through now? I wish you all the best in making your decision. If you have any questions for me, you can ask here or send me a private message.
  9. Hi everyone. It's getting quite cold in Tokyo. Loving the weather. A bit of sweating at times because the trains, restaurants and shops are way overheated. Most of my friends are the same though, so it doesn't have anything to do with the surgery. Have a great Xmas and New Year. Stay safe.
  10. Hi everyone. Hope you're all well. No major changes from the previous years. CS started around the middle of May. My back and chest are my main concerns when I'm out and about. I usually try and stay in the shade if I can. I'm fine if I'm indoors. I don't even think about sweating anymore, which before, used to preoccupy my mind every waking hour. Will update again in a few months. Take care.
  11. Hi everyone, Just a quick update. No CS since the end of October when the weather started getting less humid. All is good.
  12. Hi Pointguard. Hope you find something that works for you. Good luck.
  13. I hope you'll find a solution soon. I haven't tried anything yet. My upper back sweats a lot, but not my lower back. It's quite strange where the CS is located.
  14. Has your CS gotten worse over the years? I know that many people have said that their CS has stayed relatively the same, but they all had surgery five years ago or less. My CS is the same as last summer. I try hard to stay indoors or on public transport as much as possible.
  15. Thank you for posting. I think it's really important for those who've had surgery to keep everyone updated. I had surgery a year and a half ago, so I'm really a newbie still. I don't sweat for eight months of the year, but I live in Tokyo and the humidity here is crazy, so from July to August, my CS is bad. I sweat in June and September, but it's bearable. Even people who don't suffer from hyperhidrosis sweat like mad in summer here.
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