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  1. Just to let you know of our success with your acne products. I ordered the acne products for the whole family but especially for my 13-year-old daughter who has an acne treatment problem. For over a year we have battled this acne trying months of dermatologist treatment with no results. Even the dermatologist seemed defeated with the results. We ordered Pro-active acne treatment from the acne medicine and had some improvement but not nearly enough. I had her spray her face with the colloidal silver once a day and rub it in somewhat. After three days her face had a dramatic improvement noticed by other people as well. It has been about three weeks and the great improvement has lasted Try it acne medicine .
  2. I have been using Bare Escentuals for over a year now and I love it. It’s been around for years, and it’s one of those products you’ll see on Bare Mineral and infomercials every once in awhile. This is the basic premise of Bare Essentials according to the website: bare mineral site I definitely recommend Bare Escentuals , even though the price may be a little steep. I'd rather pay those extra dollars than waste my money on liquid or cream foundation!
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