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  1. I have Raynauds as well. I get a prescription calcium chanell blocker in the winter when it is really cold as i develop sores on my hands and toes
  2. willow


    I do have to agree with Miss Lavish on the Louise L Hay; she has excellent techniques for positive envisioning for yourself. It has helped me with a heck of a lot more than just turning red every now and again. Which reminds me if our biggest problem is blushing/flusing etc we certainly do have a lot thankful for.
  3. willow


    I have tried both propanolol and ativan (lorazipan) sp? and they both do create different reactions in your body. Ativan binds to GABA in the brain which helps relieve anxiety and propanolol helps to keep your blood pressure down. I have found both to be effective for me because I have a tendancy to blush/flush then over analyze the situation and create phobia for blush/flusing in that particular situation. So, what I have discovered is that if I use propanolol it helps to alleviate my physical symptoms, then no one else knows I am nervous etc, and the ativan helps to reduce the anxiety of the situation. Then, I can rebuild my confidence in the situation which my lack of was causing the problem in the first place. It is kinda like therapy in a bottle and WAY less time consuming and expensive. There is also a psychological technique in hypnosis, yes I know that sounds flaky, that has the same concept; envisioning and creating a safe place for your 'self' in your subconcious and then bring it into your concious. Personally, I prefer the drugs.
  4. willow

    Fake Tans

    If you try a self tanner mix it with cream of some sort and you won't get the icky orangey streaky thing going on. and if your planning on going the in tanning bed I would recommend rotating your self like a turkey on a spit so you get a more even tan. I find a tan blends the blushing/flusing in a bit and most people feel better when they have a bit of a tan which can help with self esteem as well.
  5. jeez pilgrim, wouldn't want to be interviewed by you. I've been interview lots and sat in on a few myself and most people think it is entirely normal for the interviewee to be nervous and show signs including redness, paleness, shaky, talking too much etc etc and factor that into the process. I do not believe that any sign of weekness is a fault in interviewing just the opposite it show that you are human; unless you are interviewing for a job trading stocks or as a salesperson, in that case they are looking for the inhumans. Having said all of that my advice to you is: confidence; get to know as much about the company, people interviewing you as possible. Don't care too much; set up as many interviews for jobs you really want and then then can go into the interview knowing if it doesn't work out who gives a @#$ Stay relaxed; try Bach's rescure remedy, you can find it in any health food store. AND remember you have NOTHING to loose but the time it took to do the interveiw!!!
  6. Any fellow students out there who flare up when exam week hits? Does anyone else have a total melt down, literally, when it comes to exams? I had to write a quiz yesterday that turned out to be designed to demonstrate how little you know, not what you know, and all of us did very poorly; everyone was extremely frustrated but I seemed to be the only one with bright red ears at the end. I find that not only do I have exam stress; which is expected but I am also phobic about turning red and blotchy which can spiral me into a complete anxiety attack. If there is any one out there with exam stress tips; love to hear them. Please
  7. have to say I am guilty; I owe 5 pair of prescription glasses and all are tinted. But from my perspective; I prefer to view the world in a better light.
  8. Someone once told me that sitting down and body language surely did not help blood to flow; preferably away from the face and therefore not to sit with legs crosses etc. I will confirm that I hate to get caught sitting at my desk with multiple people asking questions; definately get that trapped feeling especially since our cubicles only have one way out and inevitably there is someone standing in my escape route. So I guess what I am trying to say is the office job definately can suck for type of problem. Even worse are the hot stuffing meeting rooms with no air conditioning where someone usually wants to hold a long drawn out meetings or even worse interview....ewww
  9. hey, just sifting through and saw you question. You can get dermablend at the Bay at one of the cosmetic counters which is nice because the ladies there can help you find a shade to match your sink tone.
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