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  1. exreface, I do not understand exact what you mean here. Do you mean there is some failure in The Truth of ETS? If so, what do you mean is wrong ? Do you think the result of ETS depends on what the person knows before the surgery? That some information can mislead ? If so, why and how ? Had been nice if you could explain . Kari
  2. To all of you! If you consider ETS, please have a look at these links before you make your decition. If you wonder what happened to your body after ETS, you will find a lot of information. ETS and Reversals Discussion forum http://pub157.ezboard.com/betsandreversals Truth about ETS http://www.truthaboutets.com/Pages/ETSheadlines.html There is a lot more side effects than you normally get informed about. And side effects can appear or be real troublesome after several years. It is difficult to know what the outcome will be. So please, be careful ! Kari
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