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  1. Darknight, Like yourself, I have many to choose from. One of mine happened in church as well. I was in the youth club and during the youth mass we were greeting each other during the "sign of peace". This guy I was shaking hands with announces loudly "....YOUR HANDS ARE REALLY SWEATY!". :oops:
  2. Kiyose, I am happy for you. It is not an easy decision to make. Your chest will be pretty sore and sensitive for a week or two- mine was anyway. You know about the purge sweating so you won't fret but it is unnerving. Please keep us posted on your progress. George.
  3. Despite the many challenges that people on this forum face and acknowledging the many differences of opinion we may have, I want to wish you all peace. George.

    Just checking in

    Every once in while I feel compelled to post a message to remind people that there are real people out here that are satisfied with their ETS results. I am not claiming that there is no risk or that everyone will benefit from this surgery but I do think that it is misleading when some imply that there are no positives from ETS and that no one should have it done. Is it wrong the way that ETS is marketed as a "miracle cure" for many different problems? Yes. Are there some doctors who take advantage of desperate individuals for their own financial gain? Probably. Do most patients or doctors fully understand all the possible consequences of the procedure? I doubt it. Are some people's lives ruined because of ETS? Based on what I've read here...Definitely. Does all this mean that you shouldn't have ETS done? Maybe, but I think it should be a person's choice to make once they understand all sides of the issue. Besides myself I only know, personally, of one other person who has had ETS and that is my sister. We both feel that ETS has greatly enhanced our personal and professional lives. Our side effects seem minimal compared to the benefits we experience from having "dry" hands. I believe that many others feel the same way.
  5. Kiyose, Your question made me realize this: It's not so much that I can now do something that I couldn't do before. It's more like I am now more comfortable or confident about doing certain things like: - shaking or holding hands, hugging people - doing paperwork without ruining it - gripping a golf club, bowling ball or other objects - playing my guitar or piano - playing cards or board games - handling delicate items like stamps, photographs, needle and thread - driving - doing electrical work, woodworking and other hands-on activities - reading books Those of you who have sweaty hands can relate to some of these things. They may not seem like "major" concerns but they do add up. We use our hands for so much. George.

    Re-do ets

    Hello, Although I can't really answer that question I do have some comments. I had my ETS done for my sweaty hands when I was nearly 50. Would I have had the procedure again if things didn't work out to my satisfaction? I never really thought about that until I read your post. My first thought was that I wouldn't, although it is easier to say that now that I no longer suffer from the condition. I know a little more about ETS now than when I had it done. I think that the risks of side effects are greater than I previously believed. Your side effects don't sound too bad and one might suggest not risking more debilitating ones. ETS for blushing also seems to be less effective than ETS for excessive sweating. That being said, I know that emotions can be a powerful motivator. As far as your age goes, I'm nearly there myself and I feel that there is still much to experience ahead of me. Regards.
  7. mchh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that humidity is a frequent problem here. It is only a few days out of the year that it is oppressive. Even when it is humid, it is more tolerable by the beach where the ocean breezes make it more comfortable. It sounds like your hands are like mine. Mine are not too dry either. Sometimes it almost feels like they're clammy but I think its more in my mind. Since my surgery I have had many dreams that my hands have started sweating again and the sensation is very real. Kiyose, If you do have ETS and if you like exercising, I would think that you would want to be able to sweat from your face. I know I keep repeating that but I think that it is very important. Also, have you heard about "purge" sweating on the 4th or 5th day after ETS. It happened to me and really scared me.
  8. Kiyose, Concerning CS after ETS. I live in southern California where the temperatures certainly get well above 85 degrees in the summer. I agree with mchh that humidity seems to be a significant factor in CS. To put things in perspective, I've been embarrassed by CS 2 or 3 times in the last 3 years (not really sure that anyone even noticed) whereas my sweaty hands use to embarrass me most every day.
  9. Kiyose, Since my sister had her ETS surgery, the skin on her face gets very dry. She says that she has to use a lot of lotion which, in itself, is not that unusual. But when I see her next to our other sister, who is a couple of years older, I notice a difference in their complexions. The difference is subtle and my sister is still an attractive woman(I don't want to make it sound like she has turned into an ogre!). I realize that there could be many other reasons for this but she herself believes that her extra dry face is related to the fact that she no longer sweats from anywhere above the shoulders. That being said, she still is glad that she had the operation. She actually encouraged me to have the procedure done as well. She doesn't seem to be too concerned about CS so I think mine is worse, although tolerable.
  10. Kiyose, In response to your Feb. 20, 2:03 post: That could be true for some but I think that there are a number of reasons that people aren't happy with their results. Many of those unsatisfied patients, no doubt, had severe symptoms but were mis-informed or misled as to the risks of the procedure. Also complicating the issue is the fact that people have the ETS procedure done for different things and I don't know that the procedure can be "fined-tuned" to differentiate between treating for sweaty hands, feet, or head, or treating for blushing or flushing. Again, in my own situation, I had a severe case of palmar hyperhidrosis. ETS stopped my hand sweating. I enjoy running and still sweat from my face which helps keep me cool. Had I lost that ability as many have after ETS, I might feel different in my opinion of the surgery. Unfortunately, before the the operation I didn't or couldn't understand how important sweating from above the shoulders was to me. As it is, my CS is manageable and I consider myself decidedly satisfied with the outcome. In your favor, perhaps, is that it seems that a much higher percentage of satisfied patients are those who are seeking relief primarily for sweaty hands.
  11. kiyose, Don't feel bad about feigning illness to cover up your condition. I've done it myself and I know others here have done similarly. People here have come up with different suggestions on how to mask their sweaty hands. One interesting idea was to carry a water bottle around with you, preferably one with ice-cold water in it. If the water is cold enough, it should generate a fair amount of condensate on the outside of the bottle. Not only would the cold bottle minimize the amount of sweating on your hands, any sweat could be attributed to the condensate. Carrying a water bottle around is really not unusual in today's health conscious society. A search of the archives should uncover some other tips on coping with sweating in social situations.
  12. Perhaps someone else can verify but I believe that this procedure can be done with much smaller incisions each 1/4 inch or less. I am not familiar with those other 2 cuts your sugeon spoke of. I really didn't know my scars would be so obvious but it doesn't matter that much to me and wouldn't have altered my decision.
  13. kiyose, I went with my university surgeon mostly because of my medical benefits. As I have mentioned previously, I do have a couple of noticeable scars on the sides of my chest each about 1/2 to 3/4 inches long. I sometimes wonder if this is because my surgeon was more results oriented and not too concerned with aesthetics. My sister had her ETS done at a "specialist's" clinic and has minimal scarring. I think that some of these clinics can afford to have the latest equipment which need smaller incisions to perform the procedure. That is my theory anyway. mchh, There are more details on my experience on another thread titled "3 year anniversary" in the Post ETS section. I really do not remember what was cut so I don't want to mislead anyone. My procedure was done solely for palmar hyperhidrosis and not for blushing. Some of the most vivid memories I have from the days after my operation were the pain in my chest (didn't expect it to be that intense) and the "purge" sweating 4 days afterwards. Since then, my hands have been sweat-free and I have dealt with my CS as a nuisance not noticeable to most people. As far as my satisfaction level...yes, I am glad that I had ETS done and consider myself very fortunate to get the results that I did. However, if I wasn't able to sweat from my head when exercising (like my sister after her ETS), I think I would have mixed feelings about my decision.
  14. kiyose, Interesting that you mentioned a university hospital. I had my procedure done at USC University Hospital in Los Angeles. My surgeon had also done several procedures before but these university surgeons don't do hundreds of these operations like those that do this solely as their main line of work. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. Perhaps your surgeon will let you contact some former patients of his as references. I can relate to your story about card playing. Take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. There are plenty of people who have gone through what you have.
  15. Kiyose, Read this message board and you will see varying opinions on the ETS procedure. Some say that it ruined their lives. Others claim that was the best decision they ever made. In between are many different results. That may be the real problem with ETS. It's exact outcome appears to be inconsistent from one person to another. Even in my own family, my sister and I had slightly different but significant results. We are both happy to have dry hands but she can't sweat above her shoulders now and I can. This may not seem like a big deal to some people until they loose that ability. Her dry face is aging faster than our other sister who did not have the surgery. I used the Drionic for some time with positive results but understand that there may be even better devices available now. Do your homework before you decide on ETS. Good Luck!
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