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  1. Blushing was never a top concern for me but in my experience ets didn't prevent/correct blushing long term.
  2. My incidence of Gustatory sweating increased this winter but what I can't figure our is it's a seasonal issue hence winter. I first noticed gustatory sweating a couple of years ago during the winter months (when I traditionally didn't take Robinol) so I wrote it off as being off the meds. In ATL I would be back on meds by March. Now that we moved our business from metro ATL to the extreme North Georgia Mountains, where we have 4 seasons, I have taken Robinol 2mg at a time for a total of only 3 times so far this calender year. My gustatory sweating which seemed to be really noticeable in January/February/March (FWIW all colder than normal this year) has all but gone away even though I'm not taking Robinol yet for the summer. Any clue? My simple mind says its something related to season changes my body makes but that's about all I can figure.
  3. This doesn't shock me. Our attorney is one of few in metro Atlanta that will actually sue another attorney as it's one huge ole boy network. He actually enjoys the hell out of it and has bankrupted at least one law firm. Good luck but this happens everyday.
  4. Its been so long I forgot. Whichever ones were common for facial/scalp HH. Sorry about that.....
  5. Initially this procedure did eliminate facial blushing however I now blush so personally I can't recommend this for blushing only. What it does eliminate is the facial/head on fire type blushing that occurred when I would sweat before. Now I simply blush under relatively normal conditions/circumstances. I rarely take robinul in the fall/winter months especially since moving to the north Georgia mountains and its during these non-robinul months where I notice the spicy food sweating issue. Literally minutes after I finish consuming spicy/hot foods the real light sweating totally stops. Weird as hell but its very short lived and I'm the one who chooses to eat foods that cause it so oh well.
  6. I thought I would check in again to give you an update. I had clamping performed in Hollywood, FL for facial HH and all things considered I am still happy at this point. Yes, it turns out they tried to play the surgeon game where one talked to me on the phone while the other would operate but not even knowing about this game I happened to change my appointment enough times I had the same surgeon for the consult as the surgery. My only gripes of course is CS on back and chest and dry hands in the winter. I found Robinol makes my CS more than manageable though last spring/summer was so freakin' hot, humid and miserable I was popping Robinol like candy. Unfortunately for AlGore, this year we are experiencing a true spring here in ATL and I've literally been on the same months supply of Robinol for at least 3 if not 4 months though it is due for a refill. Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion is the best! My dad and I own a small automotive coatings company in which we manufacture auto coatings so I wear a lot of blue nitrile gloves. Even during the cold dry winter months every time I wear these things the tops of my hands sweat to some extent (they don't sweat when the gloves are off). Even after the lightest sweating I can take them off and you can see the white salt dry on the inside of the gloves. Who knows but nothing to cry about. Whatever the spicy food sweating issue is I tend to get that a few times on my scalp during the winter months only which is also the same time when I tend not to take any Robinol. I am doing something I would have never done without surgery and that is I'm getting married this May 7th during a sunset beach wedding at the Sandals Grande in St. Lucia. Before my surgery I couldn't fathom getting married in a church with the A/C set on 65 but luckily my now finance stuck with me all these years even before I was forthright about my HH and simply chose not to attend functions with her because of my fear of sweating. Sorry I haven't checked in more often but between not having many post-op concerns and working 6 even 7 days per week because our sales are on fire during this recession I simply don't have time. The business happens to be idle this week because we are selling our building and closing on a much larger property this week and moving next week. Did I mention I'm in St. Lucia May 1 to May 10? :shock: :shock: Just another week in the life of a small business owner.
  7. The younger of the two guys in Ft. Lauderdale but I forget his name. I'll see if I can find it. I also went with clamping if I didn't already mention it.
  8. Since I didn't know about the forums until after the surgery and chose not dwell on them once I found them, I forgot which one I posted on before. I thought it was this one but thanks for showing me I was wrong. :wink: I was 2003 Powerstroke and following diesel drag racing is still my thing but now I have a new Mustang GT so I race with the 'gasser trash' like myself as well.
  9. Please explain this a little better. If you think I'm an industry cheerleader/paid blogger/borderline psychopath like a few appear to be on here you are wrong. Sorry if I'm taking it the wrong way but I just want to make sure we're crystal clear on where I stand. Happy New Year and Cheers! :wink:
  10. Naturally I have dry hands that must be lotioned during the cold dry winter months and I have found Gold Bond Ultimate Healing to be the best for me.
  11. .25mg didn't for me but up the dosage and/or mix with alcohol and I could see some sleepy/dizzy issues occurring. Keep in mind Xanax works for about 2 hours then you need to pop another one and you will build a tolerance quickly which means the mg's need to increase over time to get the same effect. Xanax does work and it's worth trying even if you only use it for special occasions like an interview or presentation.
  12. I just noticed I'm popping 2mg pills not 1mg pills. On that note my Dr. at Kaiser technically has me dosed at 2mg's 3x's per day and won't budge from that Rx. Fortunately she writes me 12 months at a time so I'm able to take more in the summer when I need them or there would be problems.
  13. Unlike other drugs in its class I have zero side effects from Robinul. Robinul dries me out from the waist up meaning as the dose kicks in my lower back dries out first then the drying effect works its way up my back. It takes around 2.5 hours for Robinul to work initially and I do build up a tolerance as the summer progresses though that tolerance goes away in the fall when I cut back on its usage. Post surgery I tried another drug like robinul that I think was blue in color and smaller in physical size and it didn't work as well, I couldn't read a newspaper by the afternoon and I had problems urinating. It's drying effects were not as good either. A normal summer day when I'll be outdoors I take 2-3mg in the AM then 1mg around noon, then 1mg every 2-3 hours until I'm inside for the night if that makes any sense. In the winter it depends on what I'm doing and where I'm doing it. Ithas been 70+ here in GA lately so I've been taking a little Robinul each afternoon. I travel a lot and recently that has meant being in Daytona Beach, FL every other week where it has been 80 so obviously I treat those trips like my normal summer days as far as dosages are concerned. I apply the Maxim to my chest and back after I take a shower each night before I go to bed.
  14. AndyInATL

    2.5 years post ETS

    I posted formerly as 2003Powerstroke and thought I would check in to give you an update. I had surgery May 2004 in Ft. Lauderdale for facial HH that progressed annually since puberty. I tried a plethora of treatments before surgery and the only thing that worked was a ton of Robinul and Xanax. My behavioral medicine shrink at Kaiser HMO limited me to 15 .25mg xanax per month and needless to say that wasn't enough. I could have bought more on the street but I didn't want to become a xanax junky like many with HH so when I saved up enough cash I travelled to Ft. Lauderdale and paid out of pocket since Kaiser felt this was cosmetic. I went through the typical games everyone else went through (learned this post -surgery since I was unaware of these boards before hand) such as one doctor calling to answer questions even though another was going to operate. The problem was since I called so many times and demanded a specific surgery date I ended up with the same doctor that had answered my questions over the phone and of course the first time I met him was in pre-op by myself. Of course I was told CS wasn't definite as well and the major problems many have experienced were never brought up. That said the only side-effects of surgery have been various forms of CS in various places of my body: Mild and occasional CS: 1. The tops of my hands form a very fine CS under high heat/high humidity conditions. No big deal and the bottom of my hands are dry UNLESS I wear nitrite gloves which I do when I formulate car paint or paint a car on the weekend. Interestingly enough last spring I was ~4 hours into private pilot training and I was at a point when I wanted to prove to my CFI that I could handle the plane on my own already (under her watch of course). The air was rough as we climbed and I was nervous while holding on to the yoke. All of sudden the palms of my hands started pouring so I wiped them one at a time on my jeans for about 10 minutes. It has never happened since. 2. The front of my shins sweat lightly in high heat/humidity unless I'm loaded on Robinul but being loaded on Robinul can cause you to overheat fast so like many others I try to balance my dosage. 3. In the fall/winter for some reason I get sensitive to spicy foods and micro-sweat from my forehead and scalp. This is occasional and my guess is I rarely use Robinul in the winter but then again I have no clue... 4. The insides of my elbows can sweat even under the influence of Robinul in high heat/ high humidity conditions. Major CS: My back. If this type of CS were not controlled by Robinul and Maxim I would consider this surgery a failure. However, between the two products I can control what would be major CS on my back to a very normal and manageable state. This past summer I chose to use strictly Robinul for CS w/o the aid of Maxim and I consumed 1mg Robinul like candy. I can unequivically say the combo of the 2 work great while they aren't worth a flip by themselves. That said, I'm pleased with my results and would do the surgery all over again. I don't miss the sweat dripping down my face nor the anxiety that went along with it. I'm 31, male and have an athletic build.
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