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  1. Well maybe they are the same thing then.
  2. I looked at the websites for each, they seem like different products. They look different and had different ingredients.
  3. What they mean by prescription strength is that it is three times stronger than the OTC that is available now. Not sure why you need a prescription for it though.
  4. There are other products coming out in the next couple of years, but this prescription strength neocutis cream really seems to be the one. I suggest you go over to the other forum and read whats on there. http://forum.rosaceagroup.org/ There is a lot of good info there, mostly under the general rosacea questions heading. The section on this cream is most of the way down the page under the heading Two Dermatology Times Articles on the way.
  5. There are supposed to be some new creams coming out this year that are as good as or better than SansRosa. Dr. Nase thinks that the prescription strength Neocutis cream will be better than sansrosa. The tests that they have done with it so far have reduced redness more than the tests of sansrosa did apparently. This should be available in about 9 months. There is also a cream called Epiceram coming out this year that is supposed to thicken the skin by a good amount which could hide redness and blusing. I think sansrosa will be a great thing, but there are other things coming out before it that could help just as much if not more. Hope this helps.
  6. Hey, Im on day 10 of Eredicane and it hasnt done a damn thing. Maybe it takes longer to kick in, but it hasnt done anything yet. I wont be ordering it again.
  7. Aspirin could possiblly cause stomach bleeding if you take too much of it. I took some Willow Bark, which is a safe form of aspirin, and it definitely helped lessen the blushing but only for a week or two. I think my body adjusted to it because it stopped helping. Hope that helps.
  8. Hey, I was just wondering if these tablets can be broken apart. I have found them sold at 15mg, 30mg, and 45mg. Can they be broken down into smaller pieces easily? I ask because on the website that sells these they are all the same price for the same amount of pills. I was just curious if a 45mg pill could be broken into 4 pieces? Thanks for any input. Also, how long did it take till you noticed a difference in flushing?
  9. Paxil didnt do anything for my blushing. Helped anxiety though.
  10. Yea, I ordered it too. At this point I would try anything to get rid of the flushing and blushing. I cant take it anymore.
  11. It says that it takes a few weeks to work, and Ive only used it a few days so I havent noticed anything. Will report in a few weeks if it is helping any.
  12. Hey blotch, is it still working for you?
  13. Wow, you havent gotten the Eredicane yet, its been over two weeks. Thats crazy. Well, hope the Seredyn helps some.
  14. Um, Im confused, I thought you were trying Eredicane?
  15. Anybody started on it yet? Does it say how long it is supposed to take to see an effect?
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