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  1. I would never have botox myself, i hate needles plus keeping up the cost of it. I would probably just go for surgery out of the two. SA, blushing and the rest of it can affect every aspect of your life and it has deffiantly effected me getting a job. When looking for a job i always look for jobs that will be ok for my SA. Blushing has effected me since school and i did rubbish at school, left college early and even finished jobs after 1 day because i felt it wasn't right, the shame now when i think back. I have got an easy xmas job coming up so i am going to get on and do that and see if it gives me any confidence.
  2. Thanks for the info , i will deffiantly take a look. Quick question, how much Propranolol did you take?, did you only take it for social occasions? Thanks
  3. I have tried many things in the past to help my blushing and SA including seeing a counsellor, shrink, CBT, hypnosis, beta blockers, anti depressants, tapes, books and probably some other things. I stopped everything about 4 years ago due to all the appointments and working, only so many excuses would work. I was just woundering what has actually been succesfull for other people mainly for blushing, sa and sweating. I have moved areas and i am going to a brand new doctors. This is the first time i am going to try and get help again for my problems for 4 years. I was personally going to see about getting some beta blockers as a start and see what the doctor says.
  4. Any partys, dinners or celebrations of any type i have to drink to help me through it.
  5. I hate it when someone brings attention to me or suddenly all the attention is on me like in a queue in the shops. All of a sudden i can feel myself getting all tense and my thoughts going wild and my face going redder and redder. I have better control over it now but it happens from time to time specially in group situtations.
  6. When i went to the gp my mum came with me. She told me before we go in not to hold back on anything and i have got to tell the gp everything. I was just totally honest with my gp, told him how its ruining my life and it started from there. It felt so good when i walked out the doctors. My doctor never gave me any treatment direct he let my shrink do all that. Problem with me was i was seeing my gp, shrink, cbt, counsellor and my specialist for epilepsy all at the same time. I couldn't get the time of work to do everything so i stopped it all and i wanted to come off my anti depressants as they made me feel to ill. All in all it has made a difference and made my SA better but i reckon if i carried on with my treatment all the way it would of made a hell alot of a difference. It also put alot of things in place which gave me a platform to work from. I am going to go back to my gp soon and ask for some medication again, maybe beta blockers.
  7. When i took the med many years ago i suffered quite bad from side effects so me and my doctor agreed to take me off them. I also take med for my epilepsy which the side effects can be bad enough on there own.
  8. now i get what you mean from the private message, i havn't been on this site for ages. well in the UK theres a waiting list for most treatments, appointments etc etc, and for CBT when i had it, it was 9 months waiting time to get your first appointment.
  9. I would say the same thing, if you see a Counsellor you can just spend the whole time talking and they listen, get out all your problems. It worked wounders for me, it was so refreshing walking out after a hour. It made me think when you said about Moods, thats what happens to me, when i am in a bad mood i find it hard to speak confidently, confidence can play such a big part, when i am confident i can take on the world.
  10. I have told my Mum who knew there was a problem anyway and i reckon my Dad knows, that helped when i was younger but now i am 23 i find it easier to deal with it alone. I have told past g/f's which helped and never affected the relationships i was in. I dont think i could tell my friends, i'm not sure they would understand at all.
  11. i'm glad things worked out for you at the doctors easterchick. I remember the first time i went which was with my mum, felt so good afterwards. 6 years on i only take Propranolol when i need it which is ok and i use to see a counsellor which i can highly recommend if you find the right one for you, my one helped so much, its just the money.
  12. I have been diagnosed with SAD, it was when i use to see a shrink. I was offered all sorts of medication but i just dont like it, the side effects are to much. I have done all sorts, CBT, anxiety groups, tapes, hypnotherapy, but the best cause of action i found was to see a counsellor privately who dealt with hypnotherapy aswell, it helped wounders and my confidence was high, i had to stop due to money reasons but i will deffiantly go back. I do find my blushing is really affected by how confident i feel and at the moment i am on a low, due to my parents splitting up and i've just split up with my g/f. I also find exercising helps.
  13. kentguy


    It sounds like you have the confidence to talk to girls, its just when you are eating with them? I think alot of people change there eating habits when eating around the opposite sex, especially on a date and when your first going out so it dont sound nothing different to me when i think of it like that. But are you saying its worst than that?
  14. Confidence plays a big part in my life, when i feel on top on everything and feel good, i can literally do anything, but when i am down i am really down, life is sh**. Thats why i enjoy drinking, it gets me the confidence which i find hard to get.
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