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  1. I am glad you posted your message even if it is 3 years from the topic date - useful for me. Thanks x
  2. I have always fought against shyness/ blushing and actually have a job that would terrify most blushers as I give presentations to hundreds of people regularly. However, in the past I found prozac and escitalopram quite effective in preventing blushing. Unfortunately it affects my life and behaviour though, as well as exercise efficiency for some reason, so I am looking for another alternative, before I finally look into ETS. I have been using beta blockers for years and years to calm myself before a presentation but this is mainly for anxiety rather than blushing. I was wondering if anyone with experience or better still medical knowledge has used/ knows about monoxidine and clonidine. Could you tell me if they can be used occasionally rather than every day, if they can be used with beta blockers, and how effective they are? I would appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot! manonthemoon
  3. Oh really? Thanks for that Bob - I don't keep up with things here much I'm afraid. One day this problem will be a thing of the past I suppose when some genius works out the solution! fingers crossed
  4. Has anyone had experience of this for treating facial blushing - as opposed to rosacea? http://lifestyle.uk.msn.com/beauty/article.aspx?cp-documentid=2599973
  5. Anyone think this thread has gone off topic by the way? Bring on the next meeting! You there Liz?
  6. Don't know if this is too close to the bone (no pun intended)... but it is quite an interesting thought taking the pole dancing thing many many steps further: I wonder if one would blush if one were a porn star??? One wouldn't exactly have much left to be feeling ashamed of would one?
  7. haha - interesting challenge Vickygirl... Roof is a bit weak? Keen swingball player? No idea! It was there when you bought the house for some strange reason? It's for the kids! (I say that when I buy sweets - even though I don't have any kids!) Liz it's a deal!! You go first! :wink:
  8. Hey Liz! How are you doing? Thanks for putting in the effort to make the meeting happen. I really enjoyed everyone's company. It was very interesting to finally meet and talk to people with a problem we all know so well and deal with in our different ways. Definitely have to do it again soon with more people! The poledancing got a jaw dropping reaction! That was all we needed! I think the whole pub went quiet at that point didn't it?? Maybe next time you could show a few moves - that might attract a few more blokes! I'd do it for the girls but they might not appreciate that in the same way! 3 cheers for Liz! hip hip etc... motm
  9. mossa... Thanks for your reply. I don't really know Brum but I should be able to find it. It's in the centre by the looks of it on the map?? Looking forward to it (with apprehension obviously)!
  10. Hello all. I don't post very often but I do read the posts every now and then. I am pleased that so many people keep posting and keep the site going as I think it is a good source of support for many people - including myself when I hit the odd low! (Sorry I don't really post at all - I even forgot my registration details!) I just read this post and realised it's very close to the date you are going to meet. Would it be ok to come along? I would be very interested to meet others with FB... [i am a male early 30s if that makes any difference??]
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