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  1. very inspiring. thank you. helps put things in perspective. your dad is right! if blushing is my biggest problem in life....then i'm very lucky indeed.
  2. Imo would trust Botox more than this new possible anesthetic block. There seems to be more experience with dealing with botox for blushing and flushing. Yes botox is a toxin but I dont see anesthetics being so much better for you either. there are risks with both im sure. :? I dont trust any of these temporary procedures or permanent cutting or damage to my nerves. Back to the drawing board.
  3. most of my family and friends know that i'm a blusher and that i sometimes avoid certain situations. people who dont blush never really understand how much blushing bothers us. some friends have been really surprised when i've confessed my blushing phobia.
  4. yes. I'm a mature blusher, in my forties, and my blushing has definitely gotten less severe over the years. ive always been a blusher and started to really obsess about it in my early teens. Sometimes it drove me to depression, anxiety and social avoidance. Imo, theres no "Cure". Just your willingness to accept it makes you less anxious and thereby decreases the severity of the condition. Staying healthy helps and using makeup and concealers help give me a boost of confidence which in turn makes me less tense and less likely to blush. blushing is just part of me. ive accepted it even though sometimes i wish that I was a non-blusher.
  5. I don't know why but being around blushers make me blush more. :oops:
  6. hang in there. its hard to believe right now.....but it will get better.
  7. wishing you a speedy recovery and continued success!!
  8. Enrique/alleycat/mickeymouse...etc (and all your banned names) : you wouldnt understand. you are not a blusher. when you come to this forum expresively to make fun of us it must be hard to empathize. in all my time on this forum and reading your many posts of criticisms and ridicule of others, i believe that you are exactly that kind of person: the kind that enjoys making other people feel bad about themselves. its as though making other people feel bad makes you feel better. sad really. you are exactly the kind of person that in real life, i try my best to stay away from. and i really should try doing the same here but every so often you will say something so cruel and inconsiderate that i feel like i have to comment. mostly its to remind newcomers to ignore you. for the newcomers: sorry if i sound so harsh but if youd been here longer you would know why im so tough with this person. i apologize for the negativity. i guess that the moderator is tired of having to repeatedly ban you. i'm sorry, abacab.
  9. its good. just make sure it doesnt have any hydrocortisone in it because it can thin your skin layers.
  10. great news, zoli! theres nothing like kids to put your life in perspective. its like your needs and personal fears are just smaller in a way.
  11. all of the above, i think. and in that order.
  12. same here! Also, you just start to worry less about what people think of you. THATS a good thing. :wink:
  13. Im SOOOOOOO happy that your doing so well.
  14. You, positive? you are the most disparaging individual on this forum. You are not even a blusher. Almost very post you make is only making fun of someone or something discussed. At least i dont keep changing my username like you -getting a new one everytime youre kicked off and banned enrique = alleycat = marc =mickeymouse
  15. scarface, im so sorry. i had a friend that had that happen to them after ets. they were okay for a little while. the honeymoon period -the doctor called it. :cry: i hope that at least the blushing is less?
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