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  1. Fedup


    Hi group, This might be a stupid question but has anybody tried Microdermabrasion. My skin is really messed, i have scars and all sorts i was thinking of trying it. The website is: www.gorgeousskin.co.uk Plz check it out and let me know if you think its worth a try...i would so love to have nice skin...it seems like a far away dream that doesn't seem like its gona come true sometime soon. Take care and thanks.
  2. Hi, Are you still having success with the nicomide tablets? Are from the UK? I have tried getting hold of them from here but i have had no luck. Do you know of a website that i can order them from. Thanks and take care. :roll:
  3. Hi...hope you are doing well. You mentioned in your reply to a previous topic of mine that Nicomide is good at helping clearing up skin. I've tried the topical version of this but have had no luck (nothing new there then) so im thinking of trying the tablets. i've tried looking but i think there only available in America do you know of any online store that i could purchase them from. I dnt want to go to my dermatologist or doctor because it would be a matter of wasting my time. My dermatologist is said to be one of the best and she works at the Princess Margaret Hospital but everything she has given me so far to help clear my skin up has been useless. I'm trying to keep my calm but im getting really pissed off because people keep giving me things to try that dnt have any affect on my skin. Im hoping the nicomide tablets will help, but i dnt understand why i still have expectations because so far any possible form of treatment that could help my skin has let me down. maybe i should just get plastic surgery. Thanks for reading and listening and replying...if you do. :cry:
  4. Fedup

    Beauty Skin

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has heard of this new light wave acne treatment called Beauty Skin. I rang them up yesterday and the guy said that the Dr who actually designed this treatment said it was effective for Rosacea. I'm thinking of trying it, if it doesn't work you can get your money-back. The website is www.beautyskinuk.co.uk if anyone wants to read up on it. What do you guys think...a load of b.s. or actually worth a try? Thanks and take care. :?:
  5. Fedup


    I agree with you gubter_87. A total and utter waste of time.
  6. Fedup

    Vitamin B5

    Hi guys....hope everyone is good. Yes I am still on my quest to clear my skin up before my wedding. Ok so iv been doing some research (for once) and apparently many people have had alot of luck with vitamin b5 also known as pantothenic acid. There may have been posts about this before but as im dead to the world i hadn't realised. So basically my query is that many ppl have seen huge improvements with vitamin b5, it clears up acne and makes enlarged pores smaller...but will this actually help with rosacea and with the pustules and papules that i have on my face which are more like whiteheads but only more worse. Sorry if this is grossing anyone out...i apologise in advance. I've tried everything from antibiotics, topical solutions, miracle oils, soaps, rosacea ltd, capillary clear...you name it iv tried it. I know that some people have an issue with money in that they don't want to waste their money unless they know that something will actually work but my luck is soooo bad because money is no object for me but still i have had no luck what-so-ever at finding or even coming remotely close to finding something that will even start to clear my skin up. So if anyone out there has tried vitamin b5 for rosacea and it has worked then plz plz let me know. Thank-you in advance. Take care. :cry:
  7. Hi Kelli.... Thats great that Accutane is working for you...iv tried Accutane but i think they are just too strong for me i use to get the most horrid stomach aches after taking it. I really don't know what to do....seriously i wouldn't even mind the flushing as long as my skin was ok but no that would mean that things are actually going good for me.
  8. Hi...keeping faith! I'm glad your having success with the nicomide tablets. I have terrible skin a mixture of mild acne and pastules and papules associated with rosacea....not that you wanted to know. I've tried everything but nothing has helped i even tried vitamin b5 as so many ppl have had success with it. Do you live in the UK? I live in the UK and have tried getting hold of the nicomide tablets but have had no luck. I tried google but the only thing that comes up is the nicomide t-gel. I would be really grateful if you could help me out. I'm getting married soon and don't want my face to look like a mess, dermatolgists are an absolute nothing they just want your money. Replies would be appreciated from any1. :oops: xxxxx
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