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  1. I can deal with going red when I drink...I will have to live with it I suppose. But it's the flushing the following days that's worst. The same thing happens when I exercise. First I go red beacuse of the training (no big deal)...then a couple of hours after I'm almost pale (!)...then the following two days all my trigger-thresholds are much lower.. This summer I went to the gym lifting weights 3 times a week. I grew big but I had to stop beacuse of the trigger-threshold thing... So now I'm back to skinny old me.
  2. AP88: Well...it did not work so good. but I have only tried it once and that time I got really drunk. I combined it with pepcid, maybe I should't have done that.. everything with this s**t is so confusing.
  3. So what vitamins/supplements do you take? This is my list: 1000mg Ester-C 30mg Zinc 40mg Vitamin-E Fishoil on and off After a few weeks when I've been using (high quality) omega-3 fishoil it seems like I'm more prone to blushing. It feels like it takes less to make the blood rushing to the head. Altough it goes away faster than normal too. So I use it for a couple of weeks then stop, and repeat. I wonder wich B-vitamins I should supplement? B5 is taken in large doses to cure moderate/severe acne cases. I rarely get acne in my face but have lots on my chest and back.
  4. I've read in the rosacea forum that a multivitamin called Men's-one-a-day is supposed to be good for us. But the label says that it contains 3500IU of Vitamin-A and 18mg of niacin (niacinamide)...isn't that bad?
  5. My situation in short term: flushing and permanent redness is my main problem. I do blush quite often but almost always around "flushing times": for example 5-7 pm after school everyday when the body temperature is naturally high. I've just started university and there's alot of partying going on. I try to minimise my alcohol consumption but I cannot completely avoid it. I've noticed that many people who doesn't suffer from FF or FB also flushes from alcohol. After much research on the web I have found these preparations usually works: 1. Drink water all day long. 2. Eat starch-types of foods like chicken, sallad, fruits. 3. Take pepcid or other anti-histamines. 4. Avoid beer and whine etc. Drink vodka mixed with juices instead. 5. Drink slowly and refill with water during the night. 6. And of course try to avoid all 5,000 other triggers such as hot rooms etc. Also, I just bought N-Acetyl Cysteine or "NAC". This is supposed to fight the flushing. I will try this the next time i drink. Probably tomorrow:) Sometimes I flush BAD from a half beer and sometimes I can drink all night long almost flush-free. Weird? Yeees my body is psycho... My question: If I drink alcohol and only have a minor flushing. Is that damaging for my condition long term? Do not answer "better to avoid all alcohol". Please have in mind that english is not my first language. Later dudes:)
  6. Kermit

    Gym tips

    I worry alot about the long term damage to blood vessels in my face from working out, I lift weights at the gym 3 times a week. I have pretty bad permanent redness and It has definetly progressed from this. That really sucks! :twisted: The exercise is doing miracles with my body except the face area. It seems I have good genes to build muscle..
  7. Good news for me! Here in Sweden a new type of beer have hit the market. Its called "pure" and contains 50% less carbohydrates. This should work better that regular beer, right? I am also going to try the Pepcid tablets. Hope it works!
  8. Hi everybody. This forum is about FB/FF and rosacea. Well, I suffer from FB, FF and permanent redness (which is my biggest problem). But NOT rosacea. I´ve been confirmed by my V-beam doctor. My skin is not dry or oily and I very rarely get any acne on my face. And I´ve never had acne on my red cheeks. (not beard either for that matter). Actually my skin is perfect except from the perm redness. Oh god I wish I had only FB to deal with!! I am a 22yr old male from Sweden. Suffered from this sh** since age 13-14. I think my condition is closest to KPRF. (Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii). Check out this forum: http://www.keratosispilaris.org/forums.php * 2 V-beam treatments. Worked well for about 3 months, then back to "normal" - hello tomato!! * Rosacea LTD-III * Grape seed extract * MANY creams and cleansers * Zinco, vanicream etc + Numerous stuff I don't remember Top 5 triggers: * Sun, wind, heat, cold, alcohol One other thing. I can't understand how you guys can use lotions and sunscreens etc. Everything I've ever used just cloggs my pores and after a while I forced to rub off a thick layer of old skin and lotions which have not "sinked" in the skin. I tried suncreen a few times but had to rub hard to get it off. If I don't my face get's really hot cause the heat has nowhere to go! Does anyone else have the same condition as me here??
  9. I wish a lived in a warmer climate. In sweden its freezing most of the time. In the summer my FB/FF is so much better.
  10. I have been taking Omega-3 fishoils for awhile now and I'm noticing the difference. It feels like a blush or a flush comes easier but also fades away faster. Also my acne have been reduced, but that also depends on how much cheese I eat :? You get better vascular health by eating fishoils and other good fat. That is a fact. So, fishoil and better blood flow from fitness exercise must be a good thing, right?
  11. First of all some background facts: * 22 year old male * lives in sweden * suffering from KPRF/rosacea early stage since age 12-13 * flushing and blushing * had 2 vbeam treatments * tried alot of products (rosacea-ltd, oils, pycnogenol...you name it) I have recently started to do strenuous exercise, 3 times a week. It works great for my body but horrible for my face Is there a big risk of permanently worsen my condition due to the exercise? AAAAHHH I cant do ANYTHING without this demon destroying my life.
  12. How much Zinc should I take everyday to see improvements?
  13. Kermit


    Hi Confused, I have done 2 Vbeam treatments in Umeå. My condition was described by the Dr as "Keratosis Pilaris". Although I am a little skeptical cause I think I have a pre-stage rosacea. I suffer from permanent redness, flushing and blushing. The treatments have helped my flushing. It has not helped much against my permanent redness, which was a big disapointment. The Vbeam machine was very new and the Dr used the hardest settings. I had no bruising. The redness cooled down after a couple of hours and the mild/moderate swelling after 4-5 days. My Dr said that the Vbeam was primarily for used for flushing and permanent redness. She didnt think that it would help my blushing very much. But beacause the flushing is reduced the heat in the face doesnt come as fast as before and in that way it helps against blushing. The psychological blushing-trigger can be more controlled. I think we should keep each other posted to figure out how to tackle this problem further. And then we can speak swedish!
  14. My doc told me that almost everyone needs atleast 2 treatments, me included. The results could be visible a couple of weeks after, but it generally improves gradually under a period of months. I have perm redness, FF and FB.
  15. Yesterday I did my first Vbeam treatment. My face had calmed down after 2,5-3 hours. No bruising. Today my face is just a little bit swollen. The settings used on me: 10mm 6ms 7J/cm2 30/10 DCD (?) I will go back in a month to do a second one. Then she will use the hardest settings. (7,5J/cm2). When did you guys start to see improvement after Vbeam? Does it come instantly or more gradually over a couple of months or what? I know what my doctor said but I will hear it from you too...
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