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  1. wow, this is a good article, and explains everything in a way people who don't have this condition can understand. I was aware of the situation when it happened, I just never saw this article.
  2. Somebody from this forum called his office several years ago, I know I e-mailed him, but don't remember if I got a response. There are doctors using this device, just not for blushing. Perhaps someone could call the company that makes the device, and find out who their customers are.
  3. I think Dr. Rezai is at the Cleveland Clinic now, I don't believe he is pursuing this. Someone needs to do some research and see what other doctors are doing this for other disorders, such as chronic pain. I've looked into it a couple times but didn't get anywhere, and I just don't have the time to look into it now.
  4. Hope this can get some momentum going toward public awareness and perhaps research. While the medicinal angle is important, I think psychological help is just as important in dealing with the affects of this disorder. While I'm still about as bad as I ever was, the way I look at it is totally different. The problem is we are all looking for a magic cure, and not dealing with the hear and now.
  5. I think part of it is a subconscious embarrassment about being alone. I have a couple times been with friends and bumped into people and I was cool and confident. :wink: I tend to disappear if I see someone before they see me, or if I see them on the other side of the store and can have my little panic and then be fine once I actually run into them.
  6. Speaking of oxytocin, did you know that petting a dog for 3 minutes increases your oxytocin levels to that of a nursing mother? Just saw that on a documentary.
  7. Just curious what you have tried so far?
  8. Troubled, I'm curious if you looked into electrical stimulation of the sympathetic chain instead of clipping/clamping. I'm in the same boat as you but I'm hoping for a less invasive method with what looks like it could have the potential to be more effective, also with the hope of a true reversal and not a hope that the nerve will heal with clamps taken off.
  9. While this is just a knock-off product, the person behind it has been caught repeatedly posting as his own "patients" His whole forum appears to be people he has invented, with one or two suckers who haven't caught on yet. And with so many people who have signed up for the forum, where are they? Check out "Please remove this link from this post", and the topix rosacea forum (google it). It is so discouraging what damage one person can do to the rosacea community. The above web-site was challenged in court by Dr. Nase, against Dr. Soldo and L**** T*****. His lawsuit failed miserably, and he was ordered to pay the attorney fees of his opponents, and ordered not to file again. The web-site still stands. I see that certain words have been automatically cencored, so you'll have to google nase and debunking (or just dr. Nase, it will probably be in the top five)
  10. I hear what your saying, and I think that over time this becomes a "biological" proplem once the blushing has so overtaken our lives and the neural pathways become well worn. I think self-esteem plays a huge roll, as I myself have had situations in which I believed I was liked and respected among a new group of people, and I didn't have any blushing at all (or none that I noticed). While I believe there is a natural propensity to blush (intensity, trigger, etc) our real fear is that people will notice and make fun. Nearly all of us still don't blush much around close friends.
  11. I believe it's 50% believe in evolution, the other 50% believe in creationism. About 80% believe in a god or gods.
  12. Sorry to hear about your situation. Are you sure you are not "phantom blushing?"
  13. Please elaborate steve. I know that most of these google adsense schemes are scams. I'm not saying this one is, but it has every marking of one.
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