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    A picture to make you smile..

    Its watching everyone in the forum,,nice pic
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    My new website

    This is a very cool website. I could (and probably will) spend hours in there. it’s kind of fun to imagine the possibilities. Imagining the end of everything is kind of depressing though.
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    Hi! Just to let you all know I came across a Drionic unit for sale on eBay! Try typing Drionic or hyperhidrosis in your search box and it should appear…..Cheers!
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    sorry Johnnyboy.
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    Depressed & Fed Up

    This topic is quite old now and I wish i'd seen it. Believe me, I can SO relate. I'm 21 years old and my life is very quiet. I left uni a year or so ago, mainly because I didn't enjoy the course, but I had been depressed since I was 16. I guess depression and shyness (caused by hyperhidrosis) finally took their toll, I hardly ever turned up. Depression was probably worsened by lack of friends which was caused by hyperhidrosis. After time out I feel better about myself, but like you, I feel behind everyone so much, socially and academically/world of work. I've actually never had a job, i've volunteered for years. Yep, hyperhidrosis made me afraid of lots of things. Never did take any girls up, too afraid of my hands being wet. There's a hundred and one situations where i've been afraid because my hands were damp. Fast forward to the present day i'm getting botox soon and hopefully somewhat rid of this condition, but i seriously need to sort my sh** out. Virtually no friends to see, no present studies, job, gf.. uh, yeah. If you saw me in real life you probably wouldn't think this, i've been hiding for quite a long time. Hopefully things are going to change big time these few months. I hope. I'll try.
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    How anxious are you?

    How anxious are you? I'm always anxious when I go out and there are other people around. I'm constantly saying to myself things like : " Am I red as a lobster? ", " Do other people notice it ", " Do they think I'm painfully shy? ", " Do they think that I'm a freak? "... Am I the only one ? RK
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    my view

    I did CBT and loved it. It's not an easy process but it helped a lot with my blushing... and other things. I would recommend it to all of you! Please feel free if you have any questions about the therapy. jack
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    Bob Bear

    Has anyone tried CBT

    Marc, There is much you don't know about Bob Bear. For instance... His stubble is coarse enough to light matches. He eats an entire cow pie for dinner each night. He once wrestled grizzlies for a living. :shock: BB
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    Miss Lavish

    Any gay people with FB?

    I believe Bob Bear bats for the other side and after doing so is often found travalling on the other bus homeward bound. He is also fond of wearing sensible shoes and enjoys wearing frocks at the weekends. He likes to play it straight when darting about this forum - He is forever protesting that he isn't a lifter of the shirt and claims that he likes girls (especially if they are call JohnnyBoy) Whatever Mr Bear says, I know from first-hand experience that at the very least he is most definitely gay for pay!
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    What concerts have you been to?

    Arctic Monkeys were great live I'd love to see them again. Wow you've been to a lot of concerts!
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    Oh no. You own it. Waaaay more. :oops:
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    Hi all It's been absolutely AGES since I last posted here... July 2010, according to my post history. I wonder if anyone remembers me?! Anyway, I just wanted to update you all. I've pretty much overcome the problems I had with blushing. It rarely bothers me these days. My blushing frequency is now the same as "normal" people and hardly ever happens. I still have depression/anxiety issues, but the blushing is essentially gone. During the last few years, I've learned to believe in myself more and more. The key is simply not giving a damn about what other people think. The more you care about others' negative opinions, the more you will blush -- so learn to not give a damn! (along with building up your general self-esteem). Try to see the funny side of things, and don't take life too seriously. A great way of looking at these blushing incidents is to ask yourself, when it happens, "Will anyone remember this event in a year, 10 years, or 100 years?" Of course not! ... so why worry about it? When you have this perspective on blushing, you can see that it really doesn't matter. Stop attaching so much weight and importance to these utterly trivial events. I find exercise helps a great deal too, and works wonders for depression. Cheers, Will
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    honestly facebook is a social media networks..so i don't like to share my profiles on here...because this is a well going forum discussion fields..i want to share only informative matters here....
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    King Claude II

    A new flame....

    Hello everybody !!! I had to re-register, because i lost my access password, and after all this time, well, i just got a wee bit lost.... :oops: :oops: The things with that girl did not end up well, and now i have been over three years with another girl, and things look really promising. She knows a bit about my HH, but i still manage to get over my hot flushes, that do not happen 100% of the time, just in specific situation. Will give a good update in a day or two. Hugs to all !! :wink: :wink:
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    Cigarette and its Constituents

    Smoking is responsible for about 15% of all deaths around the world. The reason for smoking being so dangerous is due to the constituents of cigarette. Cigarettes are known to be made of a number of dangerous chemicals. While smoking, an incomplete combustion of tobacco leaf takes place leading to the production of an aerosol. The temperature at the tip of a burning cigarette is almost 900 degree Celsius and that at the mouth piece is almost 30 degree Celsius. Tobacco smoke is known to contain almost 4000 chemicals. Out of these 43 are carcinogenic. The total weight of the smoke is in the gas form which constitutes to about 92-95%. Nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide constitute 85%. The remaining gases, droplets of small particles and uncondensed vapors are of medical importance. The smoke is mainly made up of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is known to be highly addictive and toxic like heroin and cocaine. It changes the mood of the smoker by stimulating and depressing the nervous system. It increases the output, muscle force, excitability, rate and oxygen consumption of the heart. Tar contains cancerous substances which initiates cancer formation. It includes chemicals like polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (Ben Zypyrine), tar (trace elements), Beta - Naphthylamines (Hydrazine), and also N - Nitrosamines (Vinyl Chloride). Some substances act as lung irritants which cause immediate coughing, spasm and obstruction in breathing passages. Ammonia, formaldehyde and oxides of nitrogen present in the smoke act as cellular irritants. Carbon monoxide which easily binds with hemoglobin decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. A smoker must choose one among the many Ways to stop smoking .
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    this is a bit embarassing...but has anyone had major gas from taking this? i had to stop before i could figure out if its effective bc of the gross gas.... thanks for your advice....
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    Mexican swine flu

    category 4. :cry:
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    Lol, I've missed you BB
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    Hi,yes alcohol can make me depressed too.Sometimes gin makes me cry and in the past i drunk on my own and i became really stupid and said things i regret the next day so i wont do that again.But if im in company then it makes me feel better. Runnin is very good and all exercise.I realised when i go to work with my bike the first maybe good half an hour nothin makes me go red and i have no anxiety at all.I just wish it would last all night.
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    Ads for miracle products

    Hello... I have a problem with ads for miracle products such as Eredicane and so on... These products are rubish! They are not tested and the only purpose is to make the owners rich... Please don't buy them and go see a doctor! I'm good now, thank you
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    Scale view of the Universe

    Click on play... http://primaxstudio.com/stuff/scale_of_universe.swf ... then click and drag the slider underneath. Pretty amazing, eh? 8)
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    Hello, everyone my name is Joseph, I am 21 years old, I am not new to the forum but my last post was back in 2008 on another account on a more depressing note. Anyway, I studied to be a chef, and have been working the past year in a restaurant up until a few weeks ago. I had to leave because everything was just getting out of control. For example, I would shower before I went to work which would make me flush and blush bad. When I got to work the heat of the hot kitchen would make it much worse, and on top of all that the heat from opening the oven door, or standing over the grill, it would just push me over the limit. My colleagues would plainly laugh in my face; I just could not take it anymore. All of this led me to search the internet for any alternative, just as long I could be in a healthier work environment. I found a fantastic opportunity with Google Adsense and Blogger; I will not go in to much detail about this on here because I have set up a special blog to explain how everything works. If you are interested please let me know and I will help you in anyway possible. Since my last post, I have come back on regular basis to check for any new treatments or just in general. I have noticed there is a certain member in the community who intends on making everyone’s life more miserable than it already is. This is why I have not put a direct link to the blog. Thank You for reading Joseph
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    Bob Bear

    Anyone have MySpace?

    I only have eyes for your 'hairy' ones, Mr Marc :shock: Are they on Facebook, I wonder? BB
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    The unbelievable, the "Little Sparrow" Edith Piaf. :? ---> :cry: ----> Non Je Ne Regrette Rien Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien Ni Le Bien Qu`on M`a Fait, Ni Le Mal Tout Ca M`est Bien Egal Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien C`est Paye, Balaye, Oublie, Je Me Fous Du Passe! Avec Mes Souvenirs J`ai Allume Le Feu Mes Shagrins, Mes Plaisirs, Je N`ai Plus Besoin D`eux Balaye Les Amours Avec Leurs Tremolos Balaye Pour Toujours Je Reparas A Zero Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien Ni Le Bien Qu`on M`a Fait, Ni Le Mal Tout Ca M`est Bien Egal Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien Car Ma Vie, Car Me Joies Aujourd`hui Ca Commence avec Toi!
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    Princess Sarah

    animal testing

    This made me feel sick to the stomach. I really don't understand. What's so wrong with testing on humans? If they are so desperate for cosmetics to be tested I'd do it, and I'm sure others would too.
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    pacman vs Mayweather

    Im a big boxing fan aswell! I think Mayweather is waiting for pacquaio to get old or lose so he can say i told you so. He's petrified of losing his 0. Cant wait for De Gale v Groves and Haye v Klitschko...
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    World Cup 2010

    Indeed, this forum appears to be dying. This will probably be my last post here, at least for a while. I will be deleting ESFB from my bookmarks. With all due respect, I find the SAUK forums much better - you can find me over there, under the username "wjfox". I can also be contacted via my personal website (link in signature). Bye for now, and good luck everyone... 8)
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    Any gay people with FB?

    Hello Purity! Maybe you are not on this forum anymore but if you are it would be nice to talk to you.
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    I'm listening to Jimmy Buffett. Any parrot heads here?
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    U.S. blushfest?

    I was intrested in the Montreal/toronto idea someone floated..not sure what post i saw that in..im northeast but would be willing to ride a few hours in any direction..within reason of course =P
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    New site

    hello there, i found a new site..that is Kerala Information ...that contains the best tourist places, Kerala districts information's , and also the almost every information's of the Kerala..i think this will helps for someone.....
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    Laser Treatment Experience

    Hej kära landsmän!! Jag har desperat stora problem med just rodnad, alltså FB, inte rosacea! Är V-beam det enda som gäller då?? Var är bästa stället att göra det på? Hur mycket effekt kan man verkligen räkna med för just rodnaden? Priset spelar mindre roll så länge det verkligen fungerar!! Bor i Stockholm!
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    Bob Bear

    Happy Halloween to all!

    Right back at you Irishrose, hope you had a good one. We certainly did - had a rather messy fancy dress evening. My lady friend and I went as 18th century gentry (with a twist). Bet you've imagined 'Bob Bear' in a wig and tights before ;-) Lavish... thats your cue 'chuck' BB
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    Lemon Sherbert - Yay or Nay?

    Hello, delightful people. What a felicitous time to drop in! I've long considered using sherbet instead of sugar on my cereals and in my coffee. A sweet powder without peer. The dib dab: delightful. Sherbet fountain was it? As a nipper not especially keen on nibbling the seven inch ebony pipe - tossed it aside, indeed, - but the sherbet was ample recompense.
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    GJ - I listen to talksport almost everyday - mainly at night though. James whale,ian collins and mike mendoza in the night are all favs of mine and make time go faster while working. PS: I love kelly daglish,she is just lovely. :oops:
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    We are super insecure people.

    " Erythrophobia results from not accepting oneself the way a person really is. The first step to getting better is full self acceptation with fears and phobias which bother us in everyday life. The act of accepting our fears and phobias does not mean that we will identify ourselves with them as if with our true nature. The fear is a product of our surrounding and is not a natural feature of one self, it doesn't serve us and neither does it enrich us, it only restricts us and damps our emotions and our true selves. When we accept that with which we are fighting it looses its power and intensity because we no longer focus on our fear and no longer do we empower it through concentration. The act of concentrating on something inevitably results in increased preoccupation on particular thought. When we fear something we want to diminish the fear, in doing so it draws our entire attention and materializes into reality. That is how out brain works and its good to remember, to help it and not destroy it with never ending fight with ourselves. When you seize to await for a blush, when you stop avoiding people and expressing your own opinion and feelings from fear of going red then you will experience the first step of self acceptation. A helpfull tool are affirmations, I recommend the following for a particular ailment. " I (name) accept myself unconditionally the way i am right now". " I love myself, i respect myself and appreciate myself the way i am regardless of what others say and think about me". The second affirmation reveals one of the causes of erythrophobia. We often turn red because we harbor conscious and subconscious fear of criticism from our surrounding. We are afraid of opinions made about us and how others will grade and perceive us. This is were the strong fear of expressing ourselves and our opinions in front of a public. I recommend writing down previously mentioned affirmations. While doing so many of your fears that are causing your erythrophobia will begin to reveal themselves out from your subconscious. Write those down on paper and turn them into positive affirmations of forgiveness. Thanks to this you will release yourself from the ballast of negative imaginations about yourselves. The reason for erythrophobia is in our minds. If you can't understand why you are accompanied by this ailment then the real reason wasn't yet realized and is stuck in the subconscious rather then the conscious. Thanks to the affirmations the cause is revealed to the conscious and is then able to be understood. Seeing the cause of the problem results in its disappearance. A problem that can be understood is no longer a problem. P.S Drugs only numb and repress the causes of the problems. Its as if you were putting perfumes on a smelly body and pretending that you smell nice. Instead of stuffing yourself with drugs which only partially destroy the influence of fear its a lot better to release yourself from its causes and in turn release yourself from fear and its effects for ever." I have spent the last 1.5 hours translating this from a different language. To those of you that are reading this please don't dismiss any of these ideas. I know for a fact that a lot of this information is correct. I myself suffer from the worst case of blushing i can imagine. I have realized it along time ago that a bulk of my erythrophobia is caused by body dismorphic disorder. It is greatly influenced by how i perceive myself on a given day to how often and how bad i will turn red. A direct example of this is when i visit my barber. After i get a haircut i feel really good and confident about the way i look and i blush way less then normal. This is just a single example but i do strongly believe that how secure we are with ourselves is a direct trigger to the blushing cycle. Well i am already running late so i have to finish this post as is. P.S There may be many different reasons for blushers to have this condition but this is mine. I am here only trying to help you and its your job to decide weather or not this is for you.
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    Sheep Placenta

    Hi I was wondering if anybody has tred this for blushng, Seems to be positive remarks from the article. It obviously won't completely eliminate a blush but hopefully it could help. Can't seem to paste article but if you google "sheep placenta for blushing daily mail" you wll find it.
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    The Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Delhi ended in great style with India clinching 38 gold medals, its best performance ever in the Games. Indian wrestlers
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    Hi, I had an ETS almost a year ago and am extremely happy with the results. My life has dramatically changed for the better without living a life filled with going bright red. I do however, suffer from extreme CS. It affects me from the breasts down (stomach, back, groin, legs). I have been put on medication (oxybutynin sandoz) to reduce CS to no avail. I have spoken to my Dr and he said sometimes it can take 1-2 years to subside and also botox is not beneficial. Does anyone have any wonderful tips to help with this? I am desperate. It's hard because you fix one problem, but gain another one. Thanks.
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    Star Trek XI

    And this forum is for people who actually care and want to help. Not for psychos like you Enrique who get their kicks from bothering others and making them feel bad. I just wish that you would go away.
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    Bob Bear


    Liz, you are so right. They did one on the old forum and it was clear that very few people posted their real photos. A few brave souls did though. BB
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    Just wanted to let you know about this author I have discovered .If you like urban fantasy I recommend her .She is called Kim Wilkins and I have read Giants of the frost,The Autumn Castle and Rosa and the veil of Gold one after the other as she really took me to another place.I loved Giants of the frost best .Its a love affair between two worlds.If you like a bit of reality mixed in with your fantasy shes the one.Anyone else recommend authors of a similar vein? as I have just discovered this genre. Thanks pp x x
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    FB. Enough is Enough. Meds vs. ETS?

    I have had chronic, pathological blushing since childhood. That is the first time I have ever written those words. I've never said them aloud. Aside from overhearing people say, "Aw, look how red she's getting", my reddening is not something that has ever been discussed or acknowledged by my friends or family. I guess it's the "red elephant" in the room. How have people not asked me about it? How have I not had the courage to bring it up? I have never even had the nerve to research it. I guess I thought that admitting that it happens, even typing the words into a computer, would have been letting it win, making it real. And if I had ever had the courage to talk to my family about it, two things would have happened: 1) I would have blushed (and we all know that we avoid any situations/conversations that make us blush) and 2) they wouldn't have understood. I have never even googled blushing before today. Once I did, I was shocked to learn that there are so many other people who suffer from this condition. And I mean suffer. I felt such relief to know I was not alone. I am going to assume that anyone reading this does not need the bleak, destructive effects of facial blushing on one's life explained. How the fear of blushing is all consuming, or the havoc blushing reeks on one's social and professional life, how infuriating it is having a condition like this because you know you are better than this, more confident that your face it letting on, not embarrassed, not shy, not pathetic, not someone people should feel sorry for. Did I mention, "Aw, look how red she's getting?" I cannot say that any of the websites have helped me understand or explain why I redden when the cashier at the supermarket asks me a question, or when I am called on unexpectedly, or when I run into an acquaintance on the street, or when I think I may have said/done something wrong, or when I have to repeat myself because someone didn't hear me. But now I know there are treatments. I used to wish that I was of a nationality with darker skin so that no one would see the blushing. As a kid I was jealous of my friend with the jet-black skin. In high school I used to wish I was an inanimate object. There were days where I would have traded my life for that of a pencil because pencils don't blush. Crazy, huh? I have considered ridiculous solutions like staying chronically sunburned, or always being "two and a half glasses of wine" tipsy, or pretending to have chronic allergies so that I could cover my face with a tissue at any given moment. If women could grow beards, I would be the Wolfman. I know, I am being too garrulous. It's just that this is my "coming out of the oven" so to say and I'm still shocked that this community exists. I don't know my next move though. Can anyone share any thoughts or recommendations on meds or cognitive/behavioral treatments that may work? Although I would let a doctor come into my house right now and perform ETS on me on my kitchen table with a butter knife (now that I know such a treatment exists), I know it would be more prudent if I try other treatments first. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Yours in redness, Tomato Face
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    Limited life?

    I've just signed up to this site today, but i feel very strongly that it is possible to live an amazing life whilst suffering from this. I'm 22 and have previously let this condition hold me back and control everything i do, I dropped out of my A levels (UK), worked in a supermarket and eventually suffered day in day out, because of the shame I felt. Everyday i would cringe into despair. There was a very loud ( lovely though, I might add) girl that would always ask why i went so red. It was awful! Crippling I would say. The shame of my situation coupled with my constant blushing. I thought i was going to die a single loser. Aged 21 I decided to go to Australia, to escape my anxieties. It felt so liberating to not know anybody or have anybody know me as a blusher or somebody that was "shy". I surfed, made amazing friends, worked in some crazy places. Joined a rugby team in the countryside. Did I still blush? Of course, that's part of who I am. But I refuse to end up like my mother who has let her anxieties limit her life. Eventually in my trip, I met a gorgeous Canadian engineering graduate in north Queensland. She was confident, athletic, had an amazing job lined up back at home; craziest of all, she friggin loved me. I was totally in awe at the fact this incredible girl liked me. Towards the end of our three months at the hostel we lived at, she confided in me about how she suffered from "going beetroot all the time". I couldn't believe it. She also suffers from chronic blushing and social anxiety but she has lived a polar opposite life to mine because she didn't let it limit her. She's since worked in the UK and lived with me for 6 months and I am back at college, in the army reserves and have taken up boxing. We confide in each other about our anxieties and remind each other constantly that life is worth living. Sorry to make this about me but I hope my story proves that it is possible to have a fulfilling and happy life with this condition. And to be clear, I have been in that very dark place that blushing puts you in. You just have to force yourself to confront it. My next goal is to visit the store i used to work in and have a convo with that girl (dreadful thought). Last notes I would add, is that this condition moulds up into very empathetic people, I believe. great communicators, that respect people's emotions and that shines through. Isn't bashful the most endearing of all the dwarfs? Please, please don't slip into despair like I did. Try new things, go to new places because at the end of the day, you're the only one thinking about your blushing. Everyone has their own sh**, worldwide. Hope this helps in some way
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    FB. Enough is Enough. Meds vs. ETS?

    Follow up: I saw Dr. Gorenstein at Columbia University Medical Center on Monday. He was personable, knowledgable, and spent a good deal of time with me. He said the majority of ETS he does these days is for HH and he is doing less and less for FB. He said that could be for a couple of reasons: 1) more doctors are doing it now so the patients that, in the past only came to him, are going elsewhere or 2) it is still a largely controversial procedure for FB because, while the success rate is high for HH, it is lower for FB. I mentioned Dr. Reisfeld and Dr. Neilson and he said Dr. Reisfeld is great but no longer doing ETS for FB because the success rate is so low... and I won't repeat what he said about Dr. Neilson because it was very negative. Let's just say he has a very low opinion of Dr. Neilson. I asked about the MANY ETS side effects and complications that I've read about including CS, GS, dry skin, decreased facial sensation, hair loss, fatigue, cardiac implications (e.g.: effects on exercising and effects on resting heart rate and heart rate at anaerobic thresholds), and split body syndrome (he said he'd never heard of it). I told him about all the negatives I've read about on various anti-ETS blogs. He said it's important to note that many of these people posting on the various blogs are the same handful of people but he said, yes, there are some people living with very serious and unpleasant side effects from ETS and there is no single indicator to predict who will have success with ETS and who will not. He said the most success he has seen with ETS for FB is in blond, fair-skinned women - "Scandinavian type" (disclaimer: I happen to be a blond, fair-skinned woman). He said the above side effects are not ones he has seen with the exception of CS and GS, but he claims that given the location where he clamps the nerve for FB, the CS tends to not be that severe. His bottom line: aside from the highly unlikely side effects that go with any surgery (infection, bleeds, and so on), the worst that would likely happen to me is that I would have CS/GS or that the surgery would be unsuccessful for FB (and I would still have CS/GS). I know I've read several accounts of the ETS not being successful, including scarface's above post. Dr. Gorenstein said there is the possibility that I have the surgery and still have FB because (and this is where he lost me with the medical terminology... even though he drew me a picture...so the following is my non-medical summation) the nerves responsible for the blood flow to the face are higher up than he is able to clamp. Clamping any higher would cause the dreaded Horner's syndrome, among other things. And yes, he clamps not cuts. He was very honest in that they are basically the same thing because, unless you remove the clamp within a few days, it largely has the same effect on the nerve as cutting. He said he's been clamping for about 15 years (or thereabouts, I don't want to misquote him) and he said that in the beginning it was really used as a marketing ploy in that patients were given the hope that there would be the possibility for reversal. He said it's just not true. Obviously with cutting, there is no putting the nerves back together, so in theory, clamping sounds like a safer option, but it's still permanently damaging the nerve. He said he still clamps because that's just the way he does it, not because he tries to sell anyone on the possibility of reversal. I asked about Botox and ibuprofen gel but he didn't seem to think either would be successful. He said it's just too big an area for botox and he didn't say much about the gel. Finally, I asked about electrical stimulation and Dr. Rezai at the Wexler Neuromodulation Center at Ohio State. He said he was not familiar with any of that. Prior to having my consultation with Dr. Gorenstein, I saw my general practitioner who gave me a script for propranolol and Xanax. I showed the script to Dr. Gorenstein who said that the dosages were very low but that I should consider giving them a try. Today is my 4th day and I can tell you that they have not been successful so far at all. I see my GP for a follow up in two weeks, maybe I just need a higher dosage. I left off with Dr. Gorenstein saying I was going to try the meds for a month and then check in with him. He also suggested I look into bio-feed back. Course of treatment to be determined.....
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    3.5 hours after surgery: My eye isn't drooping, I'm not all drugged up, I'm pretty clear headed, just tired due to not sleeping at all last night...and stressing. Yippy! Chest- I have some minor tightness in the chest, along the upper sternum. This is my only complaint right now, and it's really just an agrevation. Kind of like that feeling you get in your lungs when you run in really cold weather, and only when I breathe in deeply. Hands- They are no more dry than usual. Emotional state- My husband and I have been joking and giggling in recovery, as usual (I feel like my happy self). Blushing- No opportunity to test it yet. Next week at work will be the true test. One more hour in recovery and then we can head home. My initial reaction, this was easier than getting my gallbladder removed and I'm glad I finally bit the bullet. Now for time to tell....
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    9 years post ETS

    Hi I just thought there may be people out there interested in some longer- term side effects stories. I had ETS performed when I was 24 years old.. am now 33 (female) I still have DRY hands. yep,pretty much dry all of the time and remain at a "normal" temperature most of the time too. VERY fine layer of moisture appears on super humid days but thats about it. I guess I am quite fortunate in that , whilst I do get CS , its only on very hot/humid days. I sweat more on the backs of my legs and torso than I did before. I am pretty ok with this, am able to hide it under clothes and I wouldnt say its severe. Some strange side effects worth mentioning. I get a very strange sensation at the change over of seasons. I feel tingly, sort of hot and prickly in the face. Not sure whether im cold or hot. A little odd. My feet still sweat like crazy BUT im pretty sure its about the same as pre op. I do think I get some of the vague symptoms of feeling fatigues, a bit zombie like and disconnected at times. Its hard to tell though whether this is from stress of daily life/tiredness etc. Over all I feel my quality of life post op is better than before. I totally consider HH (mine was sever palmar/plantar since early childhood) to be a disability. I would no longer classify myself as disabled. I am able to carry out all daily activities easily (the feet make some things hard, but mostly am able to find suitable shoes/socks to deal with this. My heart goes out to those who find themselves disabled AFTER ETS. It seems like such a gamble and I have to say that I am very upset that my GP didnt suggest I try alternatives first..didnt even get a referral to a dermatologist! just straight to the cardio thorascic surgeon. I think this is SO wrong and can see why people want the surgery banned. I have two small children and I live in fear that I have passed it on to them. Even though I would consider my life post ETS to be better than before, it is too much of a risk and I wouldnt be encouraging my children or anyone really to have it done. I just hope that in the not too distant future there is better and more effective treatment options for this horrible condition. Im happy to answer any questions people might have.
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    Blushing Research

    Hi there! We are a group of clinical psychology master’s student who is involved in a research project looking into fear of blushing (erythrophobia), social anxiety, and interventions that may reduce blushing. We are hoping to find people who have an interest in this topic and would like to participate in the research by completing an on-line survey, which has Murdoch University ethics approval (004/2014). Our professor Dr Peter Drummond from Murdoch University in Perth Western Australia has researched blushing and anxiety for several decades and this is his most recent investigation. We are conducting lab research at the university, following up on his last project (http://media.murdoch.edu.au/new-treatment-to-beat-blushing) and we are also researching underlying psychological reasons that may make someone who blushes more anxious about this than others, with an on-line survey. If you want to find out more about our research you can email the group on BlushingProject@gmail.com or visit us on our Facebook page (Erythrophobia / érythrophobie) and also check-out Professor Peter Drummond’s profile on the university website: http://profiles.murdoch.edu.au/myprofile/peter-drummond/. To do the survey we need you to be over 17 years of age (just because we are only looking at blushing in adults for this study). Adults with erythrophobia, social anxiety, social phobia or adults without any anxieties or fears are invited to participate. In December 2014 we will post an on-line link to our findings. The survey is completely anonymous, will take about 30-40 minutes to complete and can be accessed at this web address: http://scored.murdoch.edu.au/survey/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=9231l77 News articles on Professor Drummond’s past research: http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2012/08/22/3572691.htm http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2013/09/26/gel-could-stop-embarrassing-blushes http://www.rosacea.org/rr/2013/winter/article_4.php
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