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    Thanks for all of the messages and support guys, I'm currently speaking to one or two people from this site, which is great as I don't have to go through this journey alone. 🙂 (I feel it would make things more difficult and confusing if my family and friends knew) I have my consultation booked for the 18th of march, a little more than a week away. I was feeling quite nervous and stressed about the hole situation a few weeks ago but since having read things on here and speaking to people on here and also booking the consultation, I feel positive and almost normal about it as other people have gone through the same process, and I can hopefully rid myself of this restriction in my life and be able to do different things without having this barrier. FB hardly ever happens since I have been on propranolol and then onto bisoprolol and now only on sertraline, yes it helps alot with FB but I don't want to be on prescription drugs for any longer as even though I'm getting places in life, like friends, work etc, life just doesn't feel authentic and natural, in my experience anyway. I have tried to come of these prescription drugs a few times in the past but FB came back, like I'd just be sitting there at work and around 5 or 6pm I'd start getting a racing heart, sweaty hands and feel FB coming on. Like can you not I'm trying to work!🙄😄😒 Something's challenge us in life and you've just got to try your best to solve the problems I guess. I just wanted to touch on that as I feel it's something I left out on my first message. Thanks
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