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  2. Hello I have been on effexor for 3 months the side effects have been attenuated after a few days I noticed the redness induced by the hot blush induced by embarrassment was reduced also it did last less than usual. I am not sure that it is a physical reaction due to the fact that snrs blocks some receptors or maybe it is only related to psychology. to be clear all the drugs act on psychology, I used ssri for years without results, I tried effexor because someone said he was acting physically. I wrote all this because the blushing/red spots/geographic redness seems to come back a few days ago, so I wonder if anyone has a positive review on effexor.
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  4. I recently stopped taking beta blockers entirely as I just seemed to be flushing even more I was on 160 mg of propranolol a day. I now seem to flush or blush less without the tablets. Was I getting a rebound effect on propranolol?
  5. Hi all, I am new to this forum. I am considering having ETS Surgery for blushing. I live in Brighton and work in London. I have a consultation with Michael Brooks regarding ETS for blushing. https://www.nhs.uk/profiles/consultant/2719236 I have tried numerous things, IPL Laser Treatment, mirvaso gel etc. Does anyone have any recommendations of doctors in the UK?
  6. Do either of you know if Dr. Bell removed your T2-T3 ganglia as well? I came across a study this week from Japan where they eliminated CS by removing ganglia.
  7. Update on this... It turns out my blushing is more of a 90% fixed thing, I went through it recently again over the phone with Dr Greenstein. As the nerves are cut, it's impossible for it to come from them nerves, but a small bit of it from adrenaline can come from other nerve's, which happens not often atall. So I have still carried on doing the normal outgoing things and haven't blushed which is good. When Dr Greenstein explained it I think I understood it wrong when he said it's a 90% chance of working, not meaning 90% will work 100% and 10% it won't work. Actually meaning it will work 90% of the time. 🙂
  8. Hey guys, I just had my phone consult with Dr Bell and have been sitting on booking it as worried about possible side effects. I obviously have been battling this for a long long time and tried everything... can I ask if either of you were big sweaters before hand?? I am a male 32yrs and sweat probably more than normal now.
  9. I cut out caffeine. Now that I have your attention, read on.. This topic is a highlight of what I have found to have worked for me the best. I will offer insight of how long I’ve dealt with flushing, key stressors, and other variables. The first time I can remember was when I was about 15. I was never a shy person but if I ran into someone in say a grocery store or wasn’t expecting them, my face would light up. I never thought it was a social anxiety but more so an overactive “fight or flight” reaction. This theory, out of all theories I’ve tested, has proved to hold the most truth. What I have found is that in not only socially stressful situations but physically stressful situations can cause flushing as well. This can include: Lack of sleep Exercise Poor Diet Traveling Etc. All of these situations revolve around the simple fact of stressing your body. Thus causing an overactive central nervous system and enhancing your fight or flight reactions. So here has been what has helped; Cutting out Caffeine -Caffeine has seemed to be the biggest effect. It almost seems like your central nervous system is a fire and caffeine is lighter fluid to an extent. Taking Adaptogens -Rhodiola, Ashwaghanda, Holy Basils -This helps with calming your stress hormones. Focusing on diet -Macronutrient focused, Whole Foods, Improving overall energy I’ve realized that by doing this, it has essentially improved my central nervous system instead of stressing it. I have been less on edge, I don’t feel that *flushing about to happen* feeling. Hope this helps. Post is to simply help other and offer my feedback. I know how hard it can be, just keep trying new things and don’t get stuck in the same routines if they don’t work.
  10. I just had ETS done by Roger Bell and have had the exact same results. Minimal cs and zero blushing/flushing! So happy to start a fresh life!
  11. I had the surgery done twice. The first time was with clipping. Blushing returned after 6 months. 8 years later I had a redo and this time they cut the nerve above and below T2. Side effects were much more severe after the redo. So I got a reversal last year with the sural nerve. Side effects have improved very very slightly. Hoping they improve some more but not enough so that my blushing can return. Those were such dark days and the blushing completely destroyed my life.
  12. Hello, @qbee, and welcome to the forum! Thank you for those kind words. I have read a lot about these subjects over the years, so I am just glad to share and help if possible. I have heard of botox for flushing. However, I have not found many studies, nor people on forums, with a successful result from it. I did try it myself 1 time, without any change in flushing. Therefor, I can not recommend it. There is without a doubt differences between the flushing of KPRF and Rosacea. Rosacea is unfortunately often a lot worse, but there are specific medications for reducing it. Combined with lasers, a good diet/healthy lifestyle and SSRI/SNRI for flushing, the disease/condition can be greatly reduced. In the future I hope there is a real cure, so that Rosacea becomes a thing of the past, for all people who has it, and wanting not to have it any more. Wish you alle the best, and good luck!
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  14. I am not saying that flushing and blushing not are related. There are some people that never get red in their face (not blushing), no matter how embarrassed they get. The same people probably never get flushed at all when exercising. Then there are those who get red very easily, maybe just by having some sort of strong emotion, who also get red almost always from some exercise. This is due to skin tone, capillaries of the face, etc. So they are without a doubt connected, but the ETS/ESB surgery is for chronic blushing, as it deals with the nerves. I would never personally suggest someone to have the surgery just for flushing. First and foremost it is not intended for that, and it does not deal with that problem specifically at all. If your flushing gets reduced that is just a lucky side effect. Good luck! :)
  15. @blushingmanBut how about me ? I think i have both of them - blushing and flushing. And i think that was connected because both of them are caused by overractive nerve (too much blood to face in some situations). So, except classic blushing situations my face also going red when i'm exposed to high or low temperatures, when exercising .. But i have found story from one man who had ets surgery about two years ago (he also have same problems like me) and he said after ets he can't go red even when he stands on his head - i think this is proof that the blushing and flushing are related.
  16. Thank you for the time you have taken to share so many resources, blushingman!!! After researching extensively, I stumbled across a few studies and articles that mentioned the use of botox to prevent facial flushing in rosacea patients. The effects lasted for 4-6 months following single procedure. Are you familiar at all with this? Do you know if facial flushing is the same between rosacea and kp rubra faceii patients? There is obviously more info out there for rosacea vs. kp rubra (which is what I'd like to treat).
  17. I had the surgery in April and have had no tingling sensation on my face and no blushing, until this past week where it's happened twice... 😕 Any light shed on this, like people having the surgery done twice etc would help, thanks
  18. I had ETS surgery last April and it fixed my facial blushing, I've had two stressful moments this week and I got mild facial blushing with the tingly feeling on my face which I haven't had since before the surgery, has it returned ? 😕 Anyone who can shed some light on this please, thanks
  19. Does that help with flushing
  20. Does effexor help with flushing when exercising or extreme temperatures ? Thanks
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