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  3. I am not saying that flushing and blushing not are related. There are some people that never get red in their face (not blushing), no matter how embarrassed they get. The same people probably never get flushed at all when exercising. Then there are those who get red very easily, maybe just by having some sort of strong emotion, who also get red almost always from some exercise. This is due to skin tone, capillaries of the face, etc. So they are without a doubt connected, but the ETS/ESB surgery is for chronic blushing, as it deals with the nerves. I would never personally suggest someone to have the surgery just for flushing. First and foremost it is not intended for that, and it does not deal with that problem specifically at all. If your flushing gets reduced that is just a lucky side effect. Good luck! :)
  4. @blushingmanBut how about me ? I think i have both of them - blushing and flushing. And i think that was connected because both of them are caused by overractive nerve (too much blood to face in some situations). So, except classic blushing situations my face also going red when i'm exposed to high or low temperatures, when exercising .. But i have found story from one man who had ets surgery about two years ago (he also have same problems like me) and he said after ets he can't go red even when he stands on his head - i think this is proof that the blushing and flushing are related.
  5. Thank you for the time you have taken to share so many resources, blushingman!!! After researching extensively, I stumbled across a few studies and articles that mentioned the use of botox to prevent facial flushing in rosacea patients. The effects lasted for 4-6 months following single procedure. Are you familiar at all with this? Do you know if facial flushing is the same between rosacea and kp rubra faceii patients? There is obviously more info out there for rosacea vs. kp rubra (which is what I'd like to treat).
  6. I had the surgery in April and have had no tingling sensation on my face and no blushing, until this past week where it's happened twice... 😕 Any light shed on this, like people having the surgery done twice etc would help, thanks
  7. I had ETS surgery last April and it fixed my facial blushing, I've had two stressful moments this week and I got mild facial blushing with the tingly feeling on my face which I haven't had since before the surgery, has it returned ? 😕 Anyone who can shed some light on this please, thanks
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  9. Does that help with flushing
  10. Does effexor help with flushing when exercising or extreme temperatures ? Thanks
  11. Hi flushed, I am also booked in for ets this month. Can you update me with your results!?
  12. Hi, For me it took 3 to 4 weeks. Varies for everyone. Please be sure to update the forum with your progress.
  13. I was recently put on effexor in the middle of July for anxiety and FB. I am wondering how long it has taken for people to notice a benefit from the medication? I just want to know when I might be able to expect some results. Thanks!
  14. Hi mumof3fromaustralia Great! Let us know how it goes and if you get the prescription! BBB: I never used to flush with exercise, but did a bit with heat, and yes it helps! Thanks! James
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    My story

    Hello everyone 👋 Just a quick update to say I’m fine 🙂 We’ve got super hot weather here in the UK at the moment which is unusually hot for us. It reached 33 degrees yesterday and is strangely humid! I feel like I’m in Florida haha! Ive had building work going on in my garden and home since March, I’m able to confidently deal with the builders with no panicky feeling and no blushing! In fact I had problems with the first set of builders (very stressed as they wasn’t turning up but had been paid most of the money!) and I personally took it upon myself to sack them! There is no way on this earth I would have even interacted with them before ets!!! So ive not got a lot to update on that’s new news really, I’m doing brilliant and nothing has changed since my last update. I’m now in my 4th year after surgery. Hoping to book Florida again for next summer which is always a lovely reminder of my surgery given how busy, hot and interactive Disney world is! 😊 Hope everyone else is doing well x
  16. Thank you so much for the response. It is comforting to hear from someone who has had a positive experience. I did a lot of research and am scheduled for surgery on Monday. I know the risks and am just hoping the benefits outweigh them. I have a job that requires constant interaction/presentations and no medication or other measure has helped over the past year. I’m at my last option.
  17. Hi flushed, The surgery would help with blushing, I had ETS surgery in may, the side effects for me are CS and bit of dry hands. In the heat the CS shows through but can avoid that with dark clothes,in time it will ease. I'm in the UK so it will only be temporary untill autumn/winter sets in. It was the best decision for me as FB ruined my life. I had tried- Hypnotherapy,CBT, herbal remedies, exposure therapy, counseling,beta blockers and various expensive make up to cover my face. Spoke to my Dr,had to leave my job, suffered with depression and anxiety. I still am working on anxiety and my confidence, the ETS surgery takes away the blushing but emotionally have to work on that. It's a rollercoaster, I think once you feel you have exhausted all option's then ets is right for you. Bearing in mind I have had this since I was a teenager so it took time and I took a year to actually make an appointment with a consultant. Only you know what is best for yourself and how it could change your life. Like all surgical procedures there are risks involved however you research the consultant and ask all the questions you need too. Kit.
  18. Hi @blushnyc Great write up and good advice. Have you tried using Dr Jart cicapair tiger grass color correcting cream? It come in green cream but turns to beige colour to blend into your skin. Works good enough for me but i'm trying to get the correct layer amount without it being detectable. Interested in the Clonidine. Have never tried any medication for this so would need to do research on this a little. Thanks again
  19. Someone needs to create a rosacea dating website 🙂
  20. Hi @james30 Do you still flush with heat, excercise etc? Do the pills help with this also? Thanks
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